Sean Spicer not talking to Saturday Night Live about cameo

Sean SpicerIs there a possibility of a Sean Spicer – Saturday Night Live cameo in the future? Absolutely, but we don’t seem to be at that point yet.

Despite some reports suggesting that the former White House Press Secretary was discussing ideas with the show or that he was interested in being on it, what we know right now is that “Spicey” hasn’t actually talked with anyone about stopping by — which makes sense, given that the show isn’t premiering for well over a month and a half and they don’t even have the full cast for next season solidified yet. (Sure, Weekend Update is returning tonight as a standalone series of specials, but it wouldn’t really make sense for Spicer to appear there — you need the man behind a podium for the comedy to work!).

Speaking to THR in an email, Spicer commented on the rumors with the following:

“I have not had any conversations with anyone there about it … It is however the number one question I have been asked.”

Do we need a Spicer cameo?

Not really. Remember that by the time the show actually returns, he’s likely going to be fading into obscurity in terms of his pop-culture clout. That’s why we’re surprised he is not jumping at Dancing with the Stars with some of the rumors that are already there. What SNL did with Melissa McCarthy playing him was one of the most brilliant things we’ve ever seen, especially the first time out when NBC somehow managed to keep her appearance under wraps and it was a complete and utter surprise. (Watch the first video below, where there is a beat before everyone starts to realize that it is McCarthy playing Spicer.)

All bringing Spicer to the show would do at this point is garner headlines, but it won’t actually be all that funny. We’d credit him for the ability to mock himself, but he’s already said that he found some aspects of the impression funny — even if he also thought that a few other components of it were by and large mean-spirited.

The show is best to move forward, given that they don’t need Spicer to show up, and given where things are going right now in terms of political headlines, there are probably going to be a good thousand or so things to discuss by the time episodes of the show start up again.

Ironically, this discussion about Spicer is happening at around the same time that another White House Communications Director in Anthony Scaramucci, a.k.a. The Mooch, has booked his first post-job interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. We have zero clue why he would want to do that show since we don’t think it’s going to go well for him, but we’re curious nonetheless.

Do you think SNL should hire Spicer for anything, or are they better at this point to move forward? Share in the comments!

Also, come back tonight at the link here to get some coverage of the Weekend Update special. (Photo: NBC.)

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