Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Jason digs a hole before eviction show (day 51, afternoon)

Big Brother 19We didn’t think we were going to get much Big Brother 19 drama before tonight’s eviction show, (since it seems to be a lock that Jessica’s going home tonight) but Jason found a way to surprise us!

Earlier today, we noted that both he and Kevin were probably in the best spots in the game. Now, however, we’re not anywhere near as confident given that they’ve both got themselves in some hot water. Thanks to Jessica telling Elena that someone’s been feeding her information from the other side, she’s caught on that it’s either one of these two guys who are responsible for it.

This led, in turn, to a rather tense conversation led by Elena where Jason stumbled TERRIBLY over whether or not there was a plan to split up votes going into the eviction show — there’s been talk about dumping votes here and there on Raven, but nothing to actually make you think there is a chance she leaves the game instead of Jessica. (Personally, we do find the idea hilarious that so many people cast hinky votes that Raven ends up going home, but that’s not going to happen.)

Ultimately, Elena has found herself privy to much more information than she’s had for much of the game, and she’s understanding that Paul is a huge threat who is working with a lot of people … not that this means that she’ll actually be able to make a move. She’s very close to Paul and may be projecting a bit with Mark to make him feel as though she’s going to go after him when she’s not. We do think that she is smart enough to realize, though, that she’s on the bottom of the dominant alliance and needs to do something to shake up the game. In due time, we do think that’ll happen, but she may want to wait until Cody is gone first.

Of course, following this chat with Jason, Elena spread out and started asking Paul and others about it. This is a nice bit of pre-show paranoia, but not really anything more than that. Jessica is still going home, and tonight will be when everything resets. Cody’s going to go hard for every competition here on out, and if there’s a physical component to it, he’s going to be really difficult to defeat. We also know that he’s coming for Paul’s head, though we’re not sure that he has the votes to be evicted even if he does go on the block. That’s something to talk about later, depending on what happens tonight.

For now, do you think that Jason hurt himself by being so erratic with Elena, and who do you think should win Head of Household next? Share in the comments!

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