Nashville season 5 spoilers: On Juliette, Maddie, and possible resolution

Nashville season 5 finaleTonight, the Nashville season 5 finale is going to be airing on CMT, and with that of course comes plenty of conversation on the subject of conflict. Juliette and Maddie have been going toe-to-toe for a little while, and it’s pretty understandable why this is happening when you consider the betrayal that was at the center of their storyline. Maddie trusted Juliette as a mentor as a friend, and yet she decided that her desire for a big new single superseded her interest in helping Maddie out. Instead of allowing her career to simmer, Juliette was able to snatch up a song offered to Maddie first and turned it into a huge hit. The problem? Juliette lied about how Maddie felt about the song when in actuality she hadn’t even heard it.

For the time being, Deacon has been hesitant to really dive in and get too involved in everything that’s going on. That’s a deliberate move, and something that Charles Esten discusses further to TVLine:

“I see a lot of her mother in her, and when her mother was that age, she was living these things. She didn’t have Lamar stepping in … Although the caretaker that Deacon is, he just wants to get in and fix everything.”

We want to see Deacon getting more involved now, and the good news is that this is clearly coming. After all, the American Music Awards are going to be a key part in the storyline tonight, and Esten teases that Deacon may ultimately get involved in that somehow.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only major problem that Deacon is going to be facing in the finale, given that you are also going to be seeing Zach continue to hold power at the record label — effectively shutting everyone else out in the process. If all of this holds as the main focus of the finale, it’s going to be easy for us to be happy with how it all ends. Now that Nashville is airing on CMT, one of the things that we’ve wanted to see was more of a focus on the music industry as opposed to some of the crazy cliffhanger stuff that we tend to see play out. Even if the plane crash cliffhanger may have been a part of the avid push to get the show a new network, we don’t think that something that dramatic is necessarily needed for this show. There were other ways that Nashville could have created tension that had even more to do with the subject matter and fans would’ve been just as engaged.

At least we do know that there’s another season coming up and we do think that this goes a long way in making the wait a little bit easier.

Want to preview the Nashville finale further?

Then just be sure to head over to the link here! That’s where you can see a promo for the finale and a little bit more in the way of analysis as to what is coming up. (Photo: CMT.)

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