Doctor Who season 11: David Tennant on Jodie Whittaker casting (video)

David TennantThis week, Stephen Colbert welcomed David Tennant onto The Late Show, and with that, there is a lot to be excited about. First, it is David Tennant, and any interview with him is going to be a lot fun and pretty insightful since he has so much going on. Also, he had a chance to speak out further of the big news of the past month: Jodie Whittaker becoming the first female star of Doctor Who.

Tennant has a pretty great perspective when it comes to casting The Doctor, most notably how the internet tends to react to such big casting changes: They often don’t like it. Why? It’s the internet, and they are very protective of the things that they love. No one wants to imagine life without a familiar face in their favorite role, so people freak out when there’s change and this change is a big one! Tennant comments that they panicked when he was chosen following Christopher Eccleston, and we know that there were people who proclaimed that Matt Smith was too young and then again that Peter Capaldi was too old. Now, Whittaker is a female. He believes that her gender really won’t matter once you get into the new season — The Doctor is (and has always been) a genderless alien, after all — and we do tend to agree with him. We just hope that viewers, even the stubborn ones, give Whittaker a chance. We think they will be happy they did.

Obviously, David has a greater sense of familiarity with her than most, given that he was a part of Broadchurch with her for a few years. He comments with Colbert about how he could do this show for years, but jokes that when Great Britain finds something that works, they tend to run from it. This, conveniently, led to a Brexit joke — hey, it’s the sort of thing that still makes headlines and for good reason.

For those of you who do love political humor, there was a great moment at the end of this video where Tennant, who plays Scrooge McDuck in the new version of Ducktales, took it upon himself to read some quotes from Donald Trump and Scrooge while Colbert tried to guess who said what. When you think about it, the two do have quite a few things in common. Both are ridiculously wealthy, completely in love with their money, and put their name on a variety of different brands. It’s not all that hard to speak their names in the same breath.

What do you think about Tennant’s comments, and do you think that Whittaker will be just fine in her new role? Sound off in the comments!

When will Doctor Who return?

Think next year (beyond the upcoming Christmas Special), and if you do want to get some other news about the show — including how current showrunner Steven Moffat ended up sticking around much longer than he originally intended — head over to the link here right now. (Photo: BBC One)

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