Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Eviction expectations; best player talk (day 51, morning)

Eviction expectationsIt’s the morning of a Big Brother 19 eviction, and it feels almost strange to write that given that it’s been so long since we actually had one (two weeks in fact!). Yet, here we are, and someone will be leaving the game on Thursday night between Jessica, Elena, and Raven.

There’s almost no debate as to who it will be: Jessica’s goose is cooked, and you probably know that even if you’re only a casual viewer of the live feeds. The house is getting rid of one of the biggest antagonists during the live eviction show tonight, and we figure there’s a reasonably good chance that there is a little bit of ugliness that goes with that based on how much some of these people hate each other. We hope that Elena and Raven don’t get too personal in their speeches and just let Jessica go out the door. It’s already clear at this point that she is probably not hugging anyone other than Cody on her way out.

There’ll be some more time to eulogize Jessica’s game down the road, but we do think that she had some good instincts and had the capacity to come up with good plans. Her biggest problem was mostly that she allowed her interest in a showmance with Cody destroy her game. They isolated themselves so much that Cody could never come back from his week 1 move with Paul and then Christmas. Following that, there weren’t many attempts to turn the game around other than competition wins. She did the right thing by using the Halting Hex, given that if she didn’t she would’ve gone home last week.

Who is in the best spot now? – As you look forward in the game beyond tonight, Cody is the next easy target — beyond that, though, Mark, Elena, and Matt are in a reasonable amount of danger. Paul seems to want Kevin and Josh near the end of the game, and the Matt/Raven and Alex/Jason pairs fluctuate around a little bit. Christmas also remains set up to last in the game for a good while longer.

We don’t think Paul is going to win just because there are so many people, whether it be a Mark, a Cody, or a Jason, who are well aware of what he’s doing and controlling the game. If Mark wins HoH this week, he’s not going to be afraid of taking that shot at Paul… and will probably become an almost-immediate fan favorite in the process.

The best players, at least to us, are the people who have a combination of decent game awareness to go along with protection from being evicted. That’s why people like Kevin and Jason are in such a good spot, and why Christmas may also have a shot if she makes it to the end. While either Matt or Raven is guaranteed final four, it’s hard to imagine either one of them winning. The same goes for Josh, who is probably considered by many to be Paul’s personal wind-up toy.

Who do you think is the best player in the game right now? Share in the comments below, and head over here to get some other news when it comes to Big Brother 19 and the live feeds! (Photo: CBS.)

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