Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Jason, Mark talk targeting Paul (day 50, evening)

targeting PaulDo we have our first significant conversation of the day in the Big Brother 19 house? At the moment, it does certainly feel that way.

Mark and Jason have a reasonably close bond, and that’s something you saw a little of on the show tonight courtesy of Mark picking Alex to play in the Veto. The conversation that the two of them had was pretty simple: Paul’s controlling a lot of people, and if they don’t make a move on them eventually, he will win at the end of the game. Jason’s been debating going after Paul for a while, so this is more music to his ears.

So what are some of the problems that he faces? Well, one of the biggest ones is the mere thought of Alex being so close to Paul and this all getting back to Paul and ruining Mark’s game once and for all. We also know that Jason can’t keep information to himself very well. For the time being, we do think it benefits ol’ Whistlenut to keep this under the cap, and then divulge the information as he sees fit down the road. If he needs to throw Mark under the bus later, it makes some sense to do so.

If we were Jason at the moment, here’s what we would do: Take Paul out as soon as humanly possible. The reality here is that EVERYONE wants Cody out, and we don’t think he’s going to win every competition the rest of the game. He’s a strong physical player, but is he all that good at the mental competitions? We don’t have the evidence of that and he’s beatable down the road. There may not be that many opportunities left to get Paul out, especially if he achieves his goal. Look at the people who he wants to take far in the game: Raven, Matt, and Josh. Not exactly the sort of people who are going to win competitions against him when you get that far in the show.

Ultimately, for the sake of drama (and happier feeds) the best thing that could happen is to get rid of Cody and Paul the next two evictions. If that happens, we feel like the entire tone of the game changes and things start to open up and become all the friendlier. This is a season that needs that sort of injection of positive energy when you think about how negative we’ve seen things become over time, especially the past two weeks.

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