Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Wheel-spinning galore (day 50, afternoon)

Big Brother 19There was no morning update when it comes to life in the Big Brother 19 house earlier today, and there is a pretty simple reason for that: There wasn’t much of anything going on. It’s a quiet time without any real game talk, and that’s always disappointing on a Wednesday night.

We wish that we could say that we’re surprised with the lack of campaigning coming from Jessica in regards to whether or not she wants to save herself/Cody … but we’re not. She hasn’t shown a willingness to fight in that sense from the moment the Veto Ceremony ended, and that’s unfortunate since that there were arguments that she could have made had she really thought about it. For example, Raven is grating to many people in the house, and getting rid of her could be construed as a strike against Paul. This is someone who last week literally ran around barking like a dog to show her loyalty towards him (and a possible lack of self respect towards herself. Who is called a dog and then starts barking in agreement of that insult?).

The irony here is that since that time, there is more talk on the subject of Paul and whether or not we could see Matt and Raven considering flipping against him. While it at one point it didn’t seem to be a super-likely option, we now think that it is starting to become a little more possible. This could end up being a relatively interesting storyline coming up down the road in this game, given that Paul would like to go to the final five with those two plus Christmas and Josh. If there was a way that Paul would be guaranteed the win at the end if he makes it there, this is probably the ideal configuration. After all, he will have made it there with people who are either disliked by much of the house or are perceived to have done almost nothing. That’s a pretty ideal combination of things for him to come home with a win.

There are already some conversations starting to brew surrounding the next Head of Household, and what happens depending on if certain people come into power. While Cody is the clear target, there are some risks that go along with it. The safe move seems to be to just nominate Mark and Elena regardless of what happens in the Temptation Competition, given that this ensures that one of them could be leaving the game and they are the obvious next targets once Cody is gone. He would be available this week as a possible backdoor, and nobody seems all that interested in wanting him there (shocker!).

Above all else, we’re just excited to get some new dynamics in the game. It’s been a while since we’ve had that, and we need to just get Jessica, Cody, and one of Mark/Elena gone so some wheeling and dealing can open up a little bit. It’s day 50, and there are still a dozen people in the game!

Later tonight, we’ll be back to document things further over at the link here. (Photo: CBS.)

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