Stana Katic narrates new Absentia promo from overseas (video)

Stana KaticExcited to get Absentia on the air? Well, Sony’s AXN channel in Poland has released a new promo for the Stana Katic series, and it gives you a good sense of the drama that’s ahead.

Also, this one presents to you Katic’s voice narrating through some of her struggle, discussing everything that her character Emily Byrne has lost — her family and her memories — before eventually stating that she’s learned “some things will never be the same.” If you were interested in having a promo that was pretty visceral and startling, this one provides that and then some. The image of Emily waking up at the very end may even spook some of you out there.

We do think that AXN is doing it right when it comes to promoting the show, giving you a small sense of what it is while also giving you copious amounts of creepy atmosphere and other good stuff. The biggest thing that you get a sense of here is a perfect combination of fear and contemplation. You see her thinking about what she wants her future to be (her old reality) while also dealing with what it is at present. This is a fairly simple conceit of past vs. present, but what the show does such a great job at is layering this on top of many other creepy things that add to the creative tension as a whole.

Remember that in this particular market, Absentia will premiere this fall — we imagine that it’s going to start around roughly the same time in some other parts of the world. We know that for our friends in Canada, you’ll have a chance to see the show before too long on Showcase.

Check out the promo at the bottom of the article — we’ve got one more big of news to get through first…

The end of the TCA Press Tour

Today marked what was effectively the last time for a network to announce at the press tour that they had acquired the series in the United States, but that didn’t happen. The announcement is still coming, but it’s just not happening here. That could mean that its network home was not present at the TCA event, or they are still hammering out some details before making it official. We just hope that someone makes the move quickly, given that if the plan in fact is for the show to start up this fall, you want to give the parties involved the proper amount of time to promote it. Springing up announcements at the last minute barely works in the UK for their shows; it doesn’t work at all elsewhere.

Obviously, you know at this point that once there is something more to report when it comes to Absentia, we’re going to have it for you over at the link here. (Photo: Sony.)

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