World of Dance finale: Did Swing Latino, Les Twins, or Eva Igo win?

World of Dance finale

Did Swing Latino, Les Twins, or Eva Igo win World of Dance season 1? Everything came down to what we saw on tonight’s finale. These three acts all entered the finale hoping to impress, but only one of them can earn the first-ever show title of Best in the World.

How the show was structured tonight was simple, but effective. They all had a chance to perform two times in front of the judges, who held the power to determine who would get the title and who would go home as a runner-up. Of the field, we did think that Les Twins had the advantage going into this in terms of ability and creativity. Yet, we’re not a judge on this show, and don’t always know what the judges are looking for. We just wanted to see some great performances and be entertained.

So … who ended up winning? Be sure to refresh the page for further updates!

Through the first round, everything was fairly competitive in terms of scores. Then, the final round came about and Les Twins did just enough to win. Actually, they were awesome and really deserved it. We’ve already seen a ton of various reactions to the finale online, but this felt like the right overall decision. If anything, maybe you can come at the show for being a little bit predictable, but that’s about it. Beyond just the editing, it’s hard to find too many criticisms with what transpired from this vantage point, but it’s dance. It should be pretty darn clear at this point that much of it is subjective, and everyone’s going to have their own take on it.

Is there something problematic to the way that the show is judged?

Sure, you can argue that it’s hard to compare young dancers against solo dancers against older dancers against groups, and you may even be fair in making that critique. Yet, one of the things that you have to remember is that dance ultimately is about what moves you more so than who is dancing — you need to have the best technique, and you need to be able to connect with the audience or in this case, the judges.

We’re curious to see if the format changes at all for season 2 now that NBC knows that this show is a hit; after all, they may want to create more of an interactive environment. It was still nonetheless very interesting to see a show play out in the way it did this season. We’ll see what happens when the show comes back.

What did you think about the World of Dance finale, and did the right person win the show in the end? Share below, and be sure to offer up some suggestions for season 2.

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