Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Josh banned from pots & pans (day 49)

pots & pansHere is a Big Brother 19 story that we never imagined writing: Pots & pans have been officially banned as an act of aggression in the game. Josh has been using them for a while now, at times because he’s been provoked to do so, but after another almost-altercation this afternoon, production’s shutting it down.

Josh confirmed this to be true in conversations this afternoon, and it makes sense — if you went up to someone on the street and did this, wouldn’t you also be anticipating some sort of retaliation? We’re not defending either Cody or Mark for losing their temper, but there’s only so much that a human being can take and they’ve each been provoked at times to take action.

This is the real banging-head-on-desk part of this season: Everyone wants to act like the other side’s been so mean and terrible, but the reality is that both sides have been mean and terrible. Cody and Jessica have said and done some super-cruel stuff, but so have Paul, Raven, and Josh. Alex and Jason aren’t necessarily innocent, but Jason’s in hot water more for different reasons.

Ultimately, we got no problem getting the pots and pans out of the game — it was notable when Evel Dick did it years ago. No real need for imitations and it’s been annoying for well over a week now. What’s also frustrating is that Raven’s now also proclaiming that she was injured in the aftermath of what happened. We feel for her if that’s the case, but it’s clear that much of the house is getting annoyed with Raven making everything about Raven.

What else is happening?

Mostly, today’s been one side of the house complaining and being frustrated about the other side. There’s nothing all that entertaining about that, beyond Kevin getting so sick of it that he just wants all of the drama to stop. He’s the voice of reason, so we treat him speaking out far more seriously than we do that of anyone else.

Also, we have heard from Cody that he’s trying to figure out a way in which he can leave the game so that Jessica and say. We’re almost 100% that’s not happening. If he walks, he’s already admitted his plans and he would be effectively using production as strategy. Not allowed in the game, and we don’t think that she’d be allowed to stay because of his sacrifice. If this is what he wanted to do, he should’ve just thrown all of the competitions and told the house to get rid of him over Jessica. Even then, there is no guarantee that they would’ve honored it … but it would’ve been at least a possibility.

We may have one more update from the Big Brother live feeds a little bit later over at the link here, so stay tuned. For now, give us your ruling on the Josh – pots & pans ruling in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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