Absentia teaser: Discussing new Stana Katic – Patrick Heusinger image

Absentia teaserWe’re still awaiting some sort of formal Absentia news, so in the interim, why not discuss a new Stana Katic – Patrick Heusinger behind-the-scenes image for the show?

The image below was shared by the show’s official account, and it gives you a sense of many different things. First, you have the sense of peril on their faces. You can see that Emily (Katic) is struggling to take in everything that is transpiring around her, and it’s easy to understand why. Remember here that she’s been gone for several years, and is struggling to maintain a sense of identity and her surroundings. Seeing her husband again may have provided some temporary joy, but that may be soon taken away upon realizing that Nick Durand (Heusinger) is not the same man that she remembers.

We love the caption on the tweet that the house should be hers and that the husband should still be by her side. It marks the sort of frustration that someone like Emily would be going through — whoever took her and caused this sort of torment on her did not just hurt her physically. They also devastated every element of her life, and it makes sense that she feels as though she deserves to have these things back. Shouldn’t she receive some essence of a reward, after all, for everything that she’s been through? Isn’t she deserving of that in some way? It feels like the answer there is a pretty clear yes, and it’s certainly sad that this doesn’t seem to be coming to her. She’s instead relegated to the idea of not having what she wanted and being adrift in the world. That’s devastating, given that seeing Nick again may have been one of the few things giving her hope.

This does beg another question: Was she aware enough during her time in capture to know who Nick even was? She doesn’t remember her missing time when she’s returned to her world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the version of Emily in that six-year gap was oblivious to her past. Consider this one of the many mysteries that this series is going to have to take on when it premieres this fall in select territories.

Are there any US premiere date updates?

Alas, not so much. We were hoping that we’d get one during the TCA Summer Press Tour, and we guess that in theory, we still could — there’s just not a whole lot of time left. Today is the Fox presentation whereas tomorrow is FX — we really don’t foresee Fox picking up the show since they have no real room in the schedule, so FX is the only hope in the event that you want to see an announcement made during this event. Otherwise, there could still be an announcement in the weeks to come — there would need to be in order for the show to premiere in America this fall alongside many other territories.

Want some other Absentia news?

Then be sure to head over to the link here! After all, that is where we are going to continue to have some of the latest insight on the show. (Photo: Sony.)

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