Poldark season 4 expectations: What’s next for Elizabeth?

Poldark season 4Now that we’re in the midst of a long hiatus until Poldark season 4 comes on the air, one of the things that feels right is looking to see where some of these characters are going to go.

With that, we’re bringing to you today the first of many expectation pieces for the upcoming batch of episodes. Where will some of these characters go, and where should they go in the wake of what’s happened? Both are interesting questions, and both are worthy of a little bit further investigation. (For the record, there are no book spoilers ahead — read with confidence that nothing will be ruined!)

For Elizabeth, it’s true that we’re not speaking of one of the show’s most-popular characters. She married the despicable George Warleggan, and prior to Aunt Agatha’s death, she was willing to defend him and stand by many of the decisions that he made. It’s only now that we are starting to get to a point where she is willing to recognize and acknowledge some of her mistakes. It’s also now when she started to break down some of George’s walls and get her to recognize both her and her children’s importance within his life.

Has Elizabeth done enough to change the narrative in her home? In the short-term, it does feel like the answer is yes and that she will have more respect from her husband. He is coming off of a rare conversation with Ross, and the two parties may realize that being bitter to each other only takes them so far. Elizabeth also is aware of what happened between her and Ross, but also clearly feels as though there is no way George would ever know about that or could know about that. By some measure, it’s certainly possible Agatha was just trolling him when she suggested that Valentine wasn’t his. She wasn’t, but it’s not that far out of the realm of possibility for her to fabricate something for the sake of hurting him.

The unfortunate future we see for Elizabeth is that people don’t often change: They try hard for a while to make things better, but eventually return back to their default state. It may be terrible to think about, but for George his default state is being arrogant and disrespectful. She knows this, and on some level she knew this before they were together. One of the long-term decisions that she’s going to have to make, whether it is in season 4 or otherwise, is if she’s going to continue to submit herself to such a stressful life — or try to go elsewhere to seek out a much more peaceful existence. She’s not going to have much of anything with Ross (his feelings have seemingly changed), but there are ways for her to find and consider happiness beyond just marriage. She still has her children, and she also has some semblance of status.

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