The Bachelorette finale: Is Rachel Lindsay engaged to Bryan Abasolo?

Is Rachel Lindsay engagedTonight, The Bachelorette delivered what basically every single viewer out there anticipated: A finale with drama, tears, and eliminations. It was also one that was by and large predictable, and that is one of the biggest struggles with the show at this point. Regardless of who the lead is or who the final two are, there’s a reasonably good chance that the show will play out roughly the same way in the end.

For most of this season, it’s been fairly obvious that Bryan Abasolo was going to be the choice, given that he got the First Impression Rose, he’s had a ton of airtime, and really the biggest criticism of him was that he was cocky. The thing with Peter Kraus was that there were questions commitment, and if he was ready to be that great love in her life. Their goodbye on the show tonight does have to be one of the most heartbreaking ones that we’ve seen just from the standpoint of it being clear that there were some real feelings there between the two. It just wasn’t on the same level as what she had for Bryan.

Also, that sight of Peter crying at the end probably does cement him as the favorite for The Bachelor, almost without question. He’s going everything going for him, from his look to having almost the entirety of the show’s audience on his side almost the entire season. (We do think having live interviews with Rachel throughout the night made things all the more interesting, but also slightly challenging since it basically forced people to watch ALL THREE HOURS.)

Basically, the moment that Peter was gone and Bryan had a conversation with Neil Lane on an engagement ring, it was pretty darn clear that he was going to propose. You just had to wait for the moment that he was going to do it.

Are we happy for Rachel and Bryan? Sure, though we know that there are many people out there that are sobbing over it not being Peter. The funny thing there is that these people will probably be celebrating the moment that Peter is inevitably named The Bachelor. 

Was the proposal lovely?

Pretty much. There was some humor in here, a beautiful Spanish backdrop, and the wind was blowing about a million different miles an hour. Yet, the words that Bryan and Rachel spoke to each other were still lovely, and the two now have a chance to start the remainder of their lives together. Congratulations to them! Hopefully, this does work out for them, given that it feels much to mean and cynical to root for anything otherwise.

What did you think about The Bachelorette finale, and did you think that Rachel made the right choice in Bryan over Peter? Share in the comments below!

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