Stitchers season 3 episode 9 review: Kirsten, Cameron’s little victory

Stitchers season 3 episode 9

The bad news for Kirsten and Cameron after Monday night’s new episode of Stitchers is simply this: There is one more episode still to go this season. Everything was going so well for the two of them, but they do still have to face the fact that there is one more episode still to come after this one. That’s where things may crash down to earth either in terms of their relationship or some of her desperate attempts to finally get her mother back.

At the end of 3×09, the biggest thing that is known for certain is simply this: Maggie has agreed to let Kirsten in on her mother’s location, thanks in part to her continued efforts doing everything that she more or less signed up for. She’s a step closer to finding her, but what she doesn’t realize at the same time is that both Ivy and Stinger are closing in on her, as well.

There was some cruel irony to the revelation with Ivy at the start of the episode. Since turning back up, Kirsten’s sister had done what she could in order to effectively turn over a new leaf. She had built new friendships, tried to earn trust, and show that she had moved on from the problems of her past. However, she originally came back with the intentions of sabotaging and working with Stinger, and when Kirsten and Linus both learned the truth, they didn’t want to accept anything that she had to say for herself in defense. That’s why she is where she is now, back with Stinger. She was so hurt by some of the comments that came her way — they were a result of her prior betrayal, granted — that she made a decision to get away and back to the only other family that she had. It was a dangerous family, but a family nonetheless.

In getting back to Kirsten, at least she can celebrate that thanks to Linus (odd thing to say in context), she and Cameron are now able to finally sleep together.

Good news for Camille

Hey, at least she has something to celebrate, right? After going through everything for much of this season — and that includes almost being recruited to be a hitman tonight — she closed the episode with a performance for Amanda. The two are now back together! That’s absolutely something that is worthy of some celebration if you ‘shipped them, and we want to see more explored between the two of them.


This was a very strong episode in terms of character-building, but we’re not sure we would say that anything was altogether memorable when it comes to the case element of it. We’re already starting to forget that part. We don’t have a problem with the show’s procedural format per se, but we think Stitchers is a program that could play around with it more than they do because they do already have so many serialized storylines a season. Grade: B.

Now, your take

What did you think about Stitchers season 3 episode 9 as a whole, and do you think Stinger is going to beat Kirsten to her mother’s location? Be sure to share in the comments below!

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