Shadowhunters season 2 finale spoilers: A traitor and a showdown

Shadowhunters season 2 finaleIf you find yourself interested in the Shadowhunters season 2 finale airing on Freeform next week, the big thing to know in advance is this: Prepare for chaos. (Warning: Spoilers from the August 7 episode lie ahead.)

At the end of 2×19, one of the big surprises was that Jonathan was seemingly dead … with the operative word there being “seemingly.” Could he turn out to still be alive? That is one of the things that they have to worry about, beyond just the obvious threat that is Valentine and what could happen to the two of them out in the field now that they’ve acted on some of their feelings. While they may be very well-trained as Shadowhunters, feelings can make things complicated. You start to think with your heart more so than your head, and decisions can get a bit cloudy as a result of that.

As the synopsis below indicates, there is also so much more going on beyond just what’s clear for the two of them.

Shadowhunters season 2 finale synopsis – “Jace and Clary rush to make a final stand, but when a traitor is revealed, Jace and Clary may have a bigger fight on their hands than expected. Meanwhile, Alec and Izzy must fight off a large mass of demons that have unexpectedly shown up, as Luke and Simon head to the Seelie Court to deal with some unfinished business with the Seelie Queen.”

Given that Izzy was just involved in the Jonathan fight, we feel for her being thrown right back into the fray … not that she is the only one. The Seelie Queen’s meeting with Valentine may raise some eyebrows, and if Luke/Simon are aware of that, they may have even further reason to be angry at her and to come at her purposefully. Beyond just that, though, Simon may have plenty of motivation thanks to Maia being stuck at the Seelie Court, where she awaits the character making her big return. (Is this going to be the child version or the Sarah Hyland one? We probably have to wait until the episode airs to know for sure.)

One way or another, expect a crazy finale … and probably also a huge cliffhanger going into the new season, given that there is already a season 3 on tap. While the promo below calls this episode the “summer finale,” it really is the season finale. There’s no need for there to be a great deal of semantics here.

What do you expect to see in the Shadowhunters season 2 finale? Share now in the comments below!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you do want some other news, including a review for tonight’s new episode. (Photo: Freeform.)


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