NCIS season 15 spoilers: First photo of Mark Harmon, Sean Murray

Sean Murray

Interested in getting a first look at NCIS season 15? Well, we’re here to provide that right now featuring Mark Harmon and Sean Murray!

The photo below was first posted by Entertainment Weekly, and within it, you can see both Gibbs and McGee in what is a very desperate place for the two of them. They’ve been stuck in South America for months following the events of the finale, and the hair and makeup team did a very good job of making these two actors look the part. Also, kudos to Harmon and Murray for getting a little bit of a hiatus beard going in time for the premiere. It’s a different look that we’ve seen for either one of them, and there is something exciting about that.

In speaking further on this subject to the aforementioned website, executive producer Frank Cardera noted that the actors returned to work looking fit and “better than ever” — a quote that we like to think of as a swipe to some of the ridiculous websites making up bogus rumors on Harmon’s health. He also added that Mark “loved” the process of applying a lot of makeup to give him even more of a “gaunt,” rugged appearance on the show. These two men are in grave danger when the story picks back up, and there are two different questions that you have to answer now going into the season:

1. Is anyone going to rescue them? – Well, this is the NCIS team, and we have to figure that they have done little else over the past few months beyond try to figure out how to make the two of them safe. They’re part of the family!

2. Is there any way that they can rescue themselves? – That is something else that you do have to remember/consider here, given that Gibbs and McGee are as smart and resourceful as they come. They’ve both been agents for many years and have been in desperate states before.

Also, you can argue that McGee has more motivation than ever in order to get back home. Remember that his wife Delilah is pregnant, and the two are going to welcome a child later this fall. We do think in the end that NCIS is a fairly optimistic show, and killing off two of their leads in Gibbs and McGee at once would be hard to swallow. We’re therefore reasonably optimistic that some of our favorites are going to find their way out of this in one piece — even though there could still be some dangerous aftereffects to what they go through in another part of the world.

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Meanwhile, be sure to share in the comments what you think about the new-look Gibbs and McGee. Do you actually want to see one of them keep the scruff after they return to Washington? (Photo: CBS.)

Sean Murray

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