Teen Wolf season 6 episode 12 review: Gerard Argent’s new recruit

Teen Wolf season 6 episode 12 reviewOn Teen Wolf season 6 episode 12 airing on MTV Sunday night, one of the priorities was clear: Trying to get to the bottom of the death in the woods. Beyond that, we also had another: How long would the show continue to find ways to use Eichen House as a mechanism to freak us out?

Oh, and the show also proved further than the new guidance counselor at Beacon Hills meant serious business. She’s already managed to take out a hellhound, and that’s something previously thought to be virtually impossible. She means business, and a big part of that seems to stem from her desire to take away what she feels should be impossible. She wants to level the playing field when it comes to survival of the fittest. Having her on screen is actually when the show is in part at its most magnetic, just because this is a show that does thrive based on some of its signature villains and mythology-building.

Where it struggles at times, though, is painting a somewhat-incomplete picture of some of what its main characters go through at school. According to the Teen Wolf writers, the majority of the time Liam and company are in school is when they are in gym class.

Let’s get back to Eichen House now, though, given that this is where things were the most interesting this episode. Parrish found himself locked up there, and in order to investigate further, Lydia found herself doing something that she never wanted to do again: Revisit this terrible place. As she walked through the walls, she had continuous reminders both of her past experience there and also what could happen to her this time. Luckily, she ended up being the hero instead. Without her scream, there is no way that Parrish gets out of there.

Scott, Malia’s heart to heart

With all of their shared experiences, it only makes some sense that the two would consider pairing up — we’re absolutely getting closer to that happening. They had some moments where they emotionally connected thanks to what they’ve been through with hunters, and they also worked with a hunter in Argent to figure out the origin of the bullet that killed the hellhound last week. They’re not there just yet, but they have figured out very much that there is a new hunter who is responsible for the new chaos in the town … one that would have died were it not for a bullet fired in the closing minutes of the episode.

Who was responsible? Well, that’s none other than Gerard Argent! He’s back, and he’s around to recognize “raw talent” … and potentially give a little bit more guidance to this guidance counselor as to how to be terrible towards supernatural beings. A great ending to what was otherwise a fairly inconsistent episode. Grade: B.

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