Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Has the target changed? (day 47, morning)

Big Brother 19Sometimes, the littlest things can change a plan in the Big Brother house. Based on some of the talks overnight, that seems to have happened.

As of last night in the game, the primary target started to shift more towards Jessica after it felt for a while there was a slight chance that Josh was actually going to get people aboard his plan to get Elena out of the game. Part of that has to do with the fact that Jessica is now for-sure going to be on the block Thursday night, which wasn’t assured before the Veto Competition. Meanwhile, another part of it may have to deal with attitude — Jessica apparently got very angry during the Veto Competition (OTEV), and hasn’t made any real effort to smooth things over since. She has taken things personally more than Elena — though to be fair, she’s also been personally attacked a whole lot more than Elena has in this game.

Regardless of how the public feels or even how we feel as a writer (we love having strong underdogs), it makes zero sense for players to keep Jessica around. She’ll always see Cody as her #1, and the two of them together are good competition players. Even if Paul was their #1 target, there aren’t too many other capable competition players in that alliance. Josh may be HoH, but he won something that is very much geared around luck.

One of the stranger events that happened was night was all of the pushing/ranting between Paul, Christmas, and Josh that Mark shouldn’t use his Veto — which we never understand. Why in the world would someone willingly keep themselves on the block? It’s also not a huge deal here since both Matt and Raven said that they’re willing to go up to ensure the results of the week. (Christmas volunteered supposedly last night, but later it was revealed that she was just messing around and doesn’t actually want to go up.)

For Josh, the right move here is to nominate Matt — he’s not going to do anything to make himself into a target and won’t get stressed out by it. Raven’s too all over the place, and nominating her is a risk that she’ll say something ridiculous and make life harder on Josh and the dominant alliance.

We’ll monitor the house today to see if anything changes, but for now, it does feel as though Jessica is going to leave the game before the jury and Cody’s going to be super-miserable as a result. (Also, let’s start wondering what the over-under is that Cody walks so that he can be with her rather than taking part in the jury.)

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