More Outlander season 4 timeline talk; assorted notables

Outlander season 4It’s largely quiet on the Outlander front, but we do think we’ve got a few noteworthy pieces to discuss in our August 6 update!

Let’s begin with series star Caitriona Balfe, who had a very brief Q&A on Twitter earlier in the day. She made it clear that she would start filming the fourth season 4 in a couple of months, which fits in roughly with the timeline that we’ve presented in the past. We’ve posted previously that the show is looking for extras starting in September; if the main cast is coming in October, there could be a few reasons for the discrepancy.

1. Pre-production and the start of filming are two different things. It could be late September when some people start to congregate in Scotland.

2. It’s possible that there are some exteriors / other shots that are filmed for season 4 before Balfe, Sam Heughan, and the rest of the main cast arrive to start up their portion of production.

Regardless of if you are talking about September or October, the fact is still the same that the fourth season of the show will be starting up mere weeks after the third season of the show premieres. The only downside to this is probably that it will be hard for the cast to live-tweet many of the episodes, mostly because it would be around 4:00 a.m. where they are at the time in which they are coming up on Starz. (Still, we think they’re all active enough on social media to make up for that and then some — plus, they’ll be very busy producing some rather-fantastic content for all of us.)

Work on season 4 began months ago — locations have already been scouted, and more recently, the writers officially began work on the scripts.

Some other odds and ends

While there’s nothing new about the official photo teaser below, it’s certainly rather striking. It’s a reminder that while we are going to be seeing a reunion between Jamie and Claire at some point in the season, we will also be seeing Heughan’s character going through war. Expect the battle in the early going of season 3 before we start to see Jamie moving on to some other faces of his life, ever haunted by the woman he loved that he lost.

A worthy follow

If you’re feeling the need for some Outlander trivia, make sure you’re following executive producer Matthew B. Roberts on Twitter — though we feel like many of you are already. He’s getting many of his followers involved with a game of “guess the episode,” where he posts a location and has you guess where it’s from. Isn’t anything to engage the fans during the Droughtlander great? We like to think so since it keeps the conversation going.

Other Outlander news

Whether you are looking for some Sam Heughan highlights or some story or ratings-related debates, we got all of the good stuff for you now over at the link here. (Photo: Starz.)

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