Poldark season 4 premiere date hopes for Aidan Turner, cast

Poldark season 4 premiere dateWhat is the Poldark season 4 premiere date going to be? With the finale airing tonight on BBC One, this seems like the perfect time to wonder.

Let’s start this article by getting back to basics and reminding you that there will, in fact, be a Poldark season 4. The BBC renewed the Aidan Turner drama series earlier this year, prior to the premiere of season 3 on the network. It may not be the most common thing in the world for a show to get a renewal this year, but it makes sense for this series given its production schedule. Filming often happens in the late summer/early fall, so this gives the show time to get scripts together and kick off production. There is going to be a reasonably long wait for this show in between when episodes wrap filming and then when they air, especially since it’s not as though this is a series that needs to add in a copious amount of special effects or anything after the fact.

As of right now, our hope is that the BBC does choose to premiere Poldark season 4 in June 2018, especially since summer feels as though it’s the right time in order to air the show. There is less in the way of competition, and beyond that, the show visually just feels right to air around this time of year. The sights and sounds of Cornwall have that beautiful, escapist quality to them.

Typically, we don’t know the premiere dates for most BBC shows until almost right before they premiere, so we don’t imagine that there will be much information one way or another from now until next year in terms of an official premiere. (American viewers are still waiting until early October in order to check out the third season on PBS.)

How long will Poldark last?

Recently, Turner suggested that he feels as though five seasons is enough time to tell all of the necessary story of the Ross Poldark character, and we feel like that assumption is probably correct. Remember for a moment here that this series, while popular, does have a shelf life, and the majority of scripted series in Britain do not have extremely long runs on the air. If we end up with five seasons worth of Poldark, that should allow the characters some closure and further cement the legacy of the Winston Graham source material.

Beyond everything else, the most important thing is that the decision to end the show comes before show writer Debbie Horsfield starts to turn out scripts, given that this is integral when it comes to figuring out the proper ending. The last thing that you want to do is have the story feel rushed in the end.

When do you want to see Poldark season 4 premiere following the season 3 finale? Be sure to share in the comments below!

Meanwhile, head over to this link in the event you want some additional news and insight when it comes to the show. (Photo: BBC.)

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