Saturday Night Live: Colin Jost, Michael Che speak out before Weekend Update specials

Weekend UpdateSaturday Night Live: Weekend Update Summer Edition is premiering on NBC on Thursday night, and if you’re excited to see more, we like to think of the video below as a great teaser.

Recently, both Michael Che and Colin Josh made an appearance on The View to promote their upcoming spin-off series, which is going to be an expanded version of the Weekend Update format. It’s something that the show did in the past back when Seth Meyers was the anchor of the show, and it produced some laughs — yet, there are also some unique challenges that come along with it. Take, for example, trying to turn a segment that is generally ten minutes or so and making it into twenty without it getting stale. You’re also still going to need to rely on some other cast members to stop by as correspondents.

Here’s the cruel irony about when Weekend Update Summer Edition is starting: Right in the middle of Donald Trump’s 17-day vacation. Given how much mileage the show has gotten over time out of mocking the President, that has to be a letdown. Granted, they could just tell jokes about everything that has happened already this summer and not have viewers get too bored with it. Things also have a tendency to change super-quickly. This video from The View, for example, isn’t that old at all, but even it’s dated now because of the Anthony Scaramucci jokes that are within it. The Mooch is probably a character the show would’ve had a field day spoofing, but he was gone from the Trump Administration in a flash and is now very much yesterday’s news.

Do we think that Che and Josh can successfully carry a primetime show together? Were this a year or two ago, we’d be a little bit worried given that they had a rocky start on Weekend Update; yet, we do think that they’re hitting their stride. Josh has found a spot for himself telling biting and at-times controversial jokes, while Che is best when he gets into editorial mode and starts telling what are effectively comedic news-based stories. They have to adhere to a certain extent to the traditional format, but can still find a way to make their style and sense of humor work within that.

Remember that the season of SNL proper will be starting up later this fall, and we figure that this show is mostly just an appetizer to get you excited for that. We find it best to not have any expectations for anyone special showing up; we just hope that it’s entertaining; we think if you set the bar too high for something without really knowing what it is, there’s a reasonably good chance that you’ll feel as though it let you down.

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