Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Full nominations; Elena aftermath

Full nominationsYesterday was a little bit crazy in the Big Brother 19 house, largely because the vast majority of players all took advantage of a chance to compete in the Temptation Competition and the feeds were down almost the entire day.

When they returned, we learned for the first time some of the results: Cody had earned safety for the week, whereas Jessica secured herself a spot as the third nominee. Josh, in turn decided to nominate both Mark and Elena for eviction and was adamant that it was actually Elena rather than Jessica who was his target.

Josh’s logic in making the move seems to be fairly simple: He feels as though she’s a far bigger strategic threat, and he may be right. Yet, the reason she’s a threat is because she’s much more under-the-radar than Jessica is. If you’re ignoring threat level and the perception that someone will be getting targeted every week, Jessica’s in a completely different league than Elena when it comes to being a threat. She’s one of the most dangerous people in the game in that she wins competitions and has a #1 ally in Cody who is a far bigger competition threat than Elena’s #1 ally in Mark, who to date has only won a single challenge in the game.

There’s a division within the dominant alliance about who to target this week. Josh clearly wants Elena gone, whereas Paul is really after Jessica. We do wonder on some level how much of Josh’s thinking is dictated by having someone in the game to go after Paul, or if he’s really just obsessed with having this big move in the game that was independent of what some other people want for him to do.

How is Elena taking this?

Not great. She desperately wants to make it to jury in order to have some of that money, since it’s necessary for her to pay her bills. We sympathize with her plight, but contend that if you’re really looking to be on a show to pay the bills, Big Brother is not it given that you can make a lot more money having a job elsewhere unless you win the game in the end. Typically, the real reason people want to be in jury is that A) you get paid extra money to sit around and do nothing and B) you’re relevant on the show for as long as possible. Plus, that helps you to build up further social-media clout for after the fact, when inevitably you’re going to start putting up advertisements on Instagram for fitness boxes or whatnot.

Elena is smart enough to realize that Josh’s line about her being a threat is a load of BS given that she hasn’t really won anything. Yet, the irony here is that her winning the Veto is the only way to secure her safety. If she can get off the block, that all but ensures that Jessica’s goose is cooked since Mark isn’t really much of a threat to anyone in the game.

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