Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 9 review: Mercedes’ mark; Rosita’s reveal

Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 9

If there are characters on Wynonna Earp who were in need of a break, it’s … well, all of them. There’s the drama of the Third Seal, the constant threat of demons, and Wynonna of course is preparing to welcome a child in the world.

Oh, and there’s also another big question: Who killed Tucker? His death was revealed fairly early on in the episode … or at least what people believed to be his death at the time. While we don’t actually think that many characters will miss him, his “death” is important given that the Widows may have been responsible and this was enough to cause worry for Wynonna, Dolls, and everyone else. Dolls was the one who really took to the field; meanwhile, his partners-in-stopping-crime had other properties: Dealing with each other.

As Wynonna and Doc wrestled with the ring and the curse, the more it became clear that the tension between the two of them was reaching a peak. The problem was that while the two talked about Doc’s immortality and Wynonna wanting the ring, chaos was happening all around them.

We’ll get back to some of this in a moment — for now, let’s talk Waverly.

The Waverly – Rosita dilemma

For Waverly, she is clearly in recovery from what happened on this past episode, which included her and Nicole getting in an epic argument over what she felt was a major betrayal with her DNA. For her, partying it up with Rosita was a nice escape from the action — they did some drinking and then engaged in a spa day. Who doesn’t love a good hot tub? Well, the problem was that it was pretty darn clear minutes into it that something wicked was going to happen there.

For a split second, we thought that Rosita and Waverly kissing was going to be the big surprise that came out of the scene — but that was before Tucker showed up and did his part to mess everything up. He murdered Rosita before telling Waverly that he wanted to keep her from his sisters. He wanted to stop her from being corrupted, which is pretty rich coming from him given that he’s one of the creepiest/most corrupt characters on the show. He told her the truth about her real sisters and the demons that are now roaming about in their bodies. One sister reminded, but she was barely breathing and didn’t have a face anymore. Not exactly ideal.

Also not ideal for Tucker: Rosita wasn’t actually dead! Right when he had Waverly trapped and she couldn’t get away from him anymore, she popped up, knocked him out, and made it clear that she was a revenant in the process. Boom!

Surprises at the end of the episode

Evil Mercedes found herself teaching Tucker a lesson for going rogue, and after hearing her hand off some incantations, Waverly returned to the bar she was at earlier in the episode. Despite Rosita’s big reveal there were no trust issues — as a matter of fact, this reveal may have helped Waverly, given that it gave her a common bond. After all, Waverly now thinks she’s half-revenant after the Bobo surprise last week.

Here’s your big cliffhanger: Mercedes, feeling newly empowered, paid Nicole a visit. All of a sudden, we’re seriously worried about Haught. Episode Grade: B+.

What is coming up next on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 10?

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