Dark Matter season 3 episode 10 review: Who is Dr. Shaw? The new Sarah

Dark Matter season 3 episode 10

Last week, Dark Matter season 3 episode 9 got to have a little bit of fun in an episode that very much like the show’s Stranger Things.

Tonight … well, this may as well have been the show’s Westworld. This was crazy, intense, but also somehow still heartfelt and interesting. It introduced so many things that we would never have expected, including the news that Two had a bit of an android-prototype past with Dr. Shaw. Oh, and Dr. Shaw is basically the creator and the image that inspired The Android as we know her. Hey, it’s another Zoie Palmer character!

Can we stop in here for a moment and say that Palmer may have the coolest job out of any actor currently working in television? Think about all of the cool stuff that she had a chance to do as The Android this season, let alone what she had a chance to do tonight exploring more of who Shaw was. She brought Two into the world and apparently formed a romantic relationship with her before developing a brain tumor that caused her to go into stasis.  Basically, she created The Android as a means so that she could continue her work in the event that her body became unusable. She couldn’t bring herself to actually transfer herself over in the end.

So how did The Android feel about learning the truth about who she was? Well, she experienced an insecurity that was rare for her. She realized that she was not just herself anymore, and struggled with a form of inferiority. Many inspirational speeches came into the equation, including one from Five where she made it clear just how valuable she is within her current form. SO MANY ANDROID FEELS.

Is there a solution for Sarah?

This is where things started to get even more interesting, since Dr. Shaw’s technology could enable it for Sarah to come back from her plane with a new body. Three agreed to go through with it, but the process was a crisis striking right in the middle of the procedure being underway.

Unfortunately, the Raza crew leaving when they did also meant that they would end up having to depart without Dr. Shaw. This was the final goodbye seemingly for her and Two, but given how little Two remembered, it was hard for there to be that much in the way of a deep-seeded emotional investment.

The episode concluded with Sarah being awakened from her chamber with the help of Dr. Shaw, but in that process of that, she learned that Victor and the others had a plan for her … one that she may not like.

Overall Take

If you enjoy episodes of Dark Matter that allow for emotional punches left and right, this was probably the one. It was the biggest Android episode of the season, and we say that knowing that there have been any. She dealt with her fears, but then moved forward with the team — but also without her old friend Victor, who may be much more than a friend to her. (It’s too bad he looks like a traitor now.) This episode was crazy, twisted, heartfelt, and fun — pretty much this show in a nutshell. Grade: A-.

Where do things go from here?

Head over here in the event you want to preview the next Dark Matter episode. In one way or another, it will be tied into the events that we saw tonight. (Photo: Syfy.)

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