Could a Wet Hot American Summer season 3 actually happen?

Wet Hot American Summer season 3Is it possible that we could be seeing a Wet Hot American Summer season 3 coming on the air in the near future?

We probably should stop for a moment and realize just how lucky we are to be getting a season 2 … one that is technically called Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later. For years, we were lucky to just have a brilliant movie with a cult following. We never felt all that confident that we’d get anything more than that, so First Year of Camp was a blessing. Having another show is icing on the cake, especially with the crazy-good cast that’s a part of it. Not only is it nostalgic in terms of the movie, but it’s even nostalgic to other shows! (Premiere spoilers ahead.) Are you going to tell us that you didn’t swoon a little seeing Adam Scott and Poehler back together following their time on Parks and Recreation?

The thing about this show is that it feels like, one way or another, it could last for however long the folks at Netflix wanted it to, provided that the cast remains interested. You’ve got so much of these characters’ lives to explore, especially since every season is effectively only a day long. You could do Twenty Years Later, Fifteen Years Later, or anything and everything else in between if you wanted to. Keep the setting at Camp Firewood, but mess around with time a little bit. The funny thing is that the characters are still significantly younger than they are in real life.

Now that we’ve said that, we don’t feel all that confident that another season will be coming in the near future. With a show like this and the lengthy hiatus that was there following the first movie, it makes sense that Netflix wait for a little while in order to bring more to the table in terms of new episodes. Therefore, with it taking so long to get the first two seasons, why not take a few years off before bringing it back and coordinating everyone’s schedules again? The thing that we’d find the funniest is if the show comes back and suddenly Bradley Cooper, who was not available to do Ten Years Later, finds a way to come back around again.

Netflix has all of the time in the world to announce more, so don’t be surprised if there is some super-long wait between now and a renewal announcement coming out. They don’t have the same sort of contractual binding with this show that other networks have with theirs.

Do you want to see Wet Hot American Summer renewed for a third season, and what do you want that said season to be about? Share in the comments below!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you want some additional news/updates on the series! We’ll be back at some point in order to offer up a review for the full season. (Photo: Netflix.)

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