Poldark season 3 finale: What could happen to Ross and Demelza? (Couples Forecast)

Ross and DemelzaMrs. Carter: With the Poldark season 3 finale airing on the BBC Sunday night, what lies ahead for Ross and Demelza?

This is something we’re doing our part now to figure out in this edition of our Couples Forecast series, and there is one thing that we know for certain right now: The two characters have some hard times ahead. They do both love each other, but there’s a difference between feeling love and then working to express it in some way. They don’t do that. They don’t share their innermost thoughts with one another all of the time, and instead, it feels like there is constantly some sort of secret that is being kept.

In this case, we suppose that there is a secret from the vantage point of Ross, given that he has not told her about his encounter with Elizabeth. While we know what happened, and even how he feels about what happened, he doesn’t express that. This is one of the biggest issues with the relationship. Ross either thinks that he has some elevated status that allows him to not be open with his wife, or just lacks the emotional security to feel as though he can.

These are, in turn, what drove her to Hugh Armitage. The biggest things she is looking for are emotional vulnerability and attention, and he offers her both. He expresses his love for her, and perhaps most telling about the state of things at present is that even with all of this considered, we still don’t see Ross doing all that much to fight for her or stop this. She straight-up told him that she wishes that she had a day in which she could pretend to be someone else, presumably so that she could off and have this relationship and experience that world. Yet, Ross still seems for whatever reason to be shrugging his shoulders and acting as though this isn’t all that big of a deal.

Poldark season 3 is likely going to be concluding with some fireworks and knowing this series, some sort of tease for what could be coming up next. One of the other most important things to note here at present is that we may be beyond the halfway point in the show in terms of its long-term run on TV. Star Aidan Turner recently commented that after season 5, we could be at the end of the road for the series. With that, you have to hope that the show figures out a way to tell whatever stories it wants for Ross and Demelza before then and that it covers the remainder of the books in a way that it feels to be fit.

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