Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Elena, Mark’s damage control (day 44, evening)

Big BrotherWell, it didn’t take long for things to become fiery when the Big Brother live feeds came back on after the eviction show Thursday night. Almost immediately, there was a conversation that took place between Mark and Alex that involved her stirring up a little bit of drama and confronting him on a big question: Was he trying to get her out of the game?

Beyond that, we’ve seen a lengthy conversation between Elena and new Head of Household Josh, one where she tried her best to make things clear that she didn’t hate him and so on. He has a significant ax to grind given that she voted to evict him back when Ramses was sent home from the game, and she has to insist in turn that she only did that because of the fact that it was what she thought “the house” wanted. (To be fair, Paul did set them up for a fall here.)

So why so much buzz around Mark and Elena at the moment? Well, a lot of it has to do with the fact that people are trying to ensure secondary targets in the game in the event that Cody and Jessica somehow end up safe. It’s possible thanks to the new Temptation Competition entering the game. If Jody becomes safe this week, all of a sudden, either Mark or Elena could end up winning the game. There’s no way where all four of these people find themselves off the block.

The biggest thing that we hope to see from Josh as Head of Household is rather simple: Bedlam and plenty of it. Please, let’s just hope it’s the fun bedlam and not the awful garbage that we saw from him, Paul, and the rest of his minions that ended up crossing so many lines. It’s the sort of thing that every person after the fact is going to look back at and regret down the road.

Oh, and another thing to note

We’re getting close to the jury, and odds are Josh is guaranteed to make there. That’s not bad for a guy who we previously thought would be lucky to make it past week two.  It also guarantees that Paul is around all season in some form, with apologies to Paul haters. Our stance on him hasn’t changed all that much: He’s a great player, but only entertaining as an underdog when the chips are down. He’s unlikable in power since his default mode is to find a target and ruthlessly beat them down. He did that to Dominique, he did that with Jody, and he even did that to Paulie last year. The difference is that since nobody liked Paulie last year, everyone was all about it.

Some further Big Brother news

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