Sean Spicer (reportedly) says no to Dancing with the Stars

Sean SpicerJust in case you actually wanted to see Sean Spicer on Dancing with the Starsthis article may disappoint you. Granted, we imagine that this is only a small percentage of people.

According to a report coming in via TMZ, the former White House Press Secretary/Communications Director is turning down the ballroom competition in order to focus on some other offers that could be coming his way in the fall. Given his high profile within the Trump Administration and his pop-culture clout, he certainly believes that there is some venue out there that will give him a platform. Maybe this is within the realm of cable news (it’s where most former political players tend to go), or maybe he ends up finding a gig somewhere else in Washington.

Or, maybe he ends up falling off the edge of the planet, enters the private sector, and we never hear from him. In the aftermath of what’s happening in the world today, it’s very much a challenge to know what people are going to do/not do.

Could Spicer change his mind? Well, that feels like very much a possibility, as well, given that the show is still over a month away from premiering and casting is not 100% finale. Right now, we figure there is a wide array of candidates that ABC has put out feelers to; someone like Spicer is probably high on the wish list, but we don’t think there is much incentive for him to do it. He’s probably a terrible dancer, and there’s almost nothing that he could do on this show to change anyone’s mind about him. The climate’s far too divided for a dance competition to turn liberal viewers around on the guy. Some conservative viewers will probably like him regardless.

Of course, Dancing also shouldn’t want him

We’ve made this clear in the past, but we are not a substantial fan of casting politicians on the show. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about liberals, conservatives, people in the Green Party, or anyone else. There are so few escapes from politics in this world, and we do personally feel as though this should be one of them. Plus, think for a moment about some of the past politicians on the show, whether it be Tom DeLay or Rick Perry. Was either one of them all that good? Bristol Palin made it all the way to the finale on her first season, but there were questions throughout about whether or not her talent merited it and if she was just kept around by conservative viewers who agreed with her mother’s politics.

The best thing that Dancing with the Stars can do is simple: Keep things positive, and avoid division. That’s all politics are right now.

What do you think about Spicer saying no to Dancing with the Stars, and what this means for the future of the show? Share now in the comments below!

Meanwhile, head over to this link if you do want to see some other news regarding the series, including a former pro on Dancing with the Stars pondering over her future fate. (Photo: ABC.)

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