The Sinner episode 2 preview: Cora’s plea and possible connections

Sinner episode 2When The Sinner episode 2 airs on USA next week, clearly the network wants there to be mystery around the story. They’re absolutely choosing not to reveal much in the present.

Going into this episode, we don’t have much to go on in terms of a synopsis + some of the other goodies we typically present in preview pieces. Yet, we do have this mysterious gif below via the show’s official Twitter of her heading in front of a judge to issue her plea. On the surface, this should be an easy question to answer: She killed a man, she knows it, and there were multiple witnesses there who saw it. The entire case is open and shut … or is it?

The big mystery at the heart of this show is why the murder happened, and not so much who is responsible for it. This is something that Cora (Jessica Biel) has not explained, and one of the questions we’re meant to wonder is this: Does she have more knowledge than what we are privy to as a viewer, and is the entire series misdirection? Personally, we hope not since that would feel very much like the show pulling the wool over our eyes. To us, it’s so much more interesting in the event that the show is purposefully concealing information from us regarding the truth of the case as opposed to the character.

Is an insanity plea on the table? You have to wonder that given this is an accused criminal with zero recollection that she committed a crime plus no history of doing so. She snapped on the beach, and then minutes later, it was over. She was reluctant to take on legal representation through most of the premiere, but if an attorney looks over this case, this is likely going to be how they want to approach it — though whether she feels the same is a different story.

What we know for sure

First, it’s that there could have been a connection between Cora and the victim based on the account at the end of the episode — he grabbed her, she said something to him, and then it looked like he allowed himself to die. The title may be a clue somehow to the end of this story, as well, given that there was nothing altogether Biblical in the premiere. Could something like that be coming up? It’s possible that there is some secret cult that is somehow behind all of this.

One thing we do want to stress in our speculation now and forever is that we have not read the book. Therefore, we’re viewing this series with fresh eyes and hope that if you have read the books that you won’t leave spoilers in our comments section since we don’t like to be too spoilery here at CarterMatt. This is a great summer mystery, and we give all of the credit in the world to the show’s producers and USA Network for getting us off to the right start this week.

What do you imagine is coming on The Sinner episode 2? Share below!

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