Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Eviction show plans (day 43, evening)

eviction showFor our final Big Brother 19 live feed update of the day, we are putting most of the focus now on what could be happening on the eviction show Thursday night.

After all, this is going to be the strangest episode of the season. Our sentiment is that production kept the Veto Ceremony off the last episode, knowing full well that Jessica was likely going to use the Halting Hex. This means that there is something more going on, and hopefully, something that will cut down on some of the super-depressing stuff that has been going down on the live feeds the past few days. While this week has been filled with drama, it’s not been the normal fun kind, it’s really just been depressing to watch.

We know that there are some out there actively rooting for various people to be exposed, but it’s hard to be all about that excited about the idea of watching people get their lives ruined, even if we don’t like them in the house. It’s just a game in the end, even if some people are making things unnecessarily personal. Look at Raven, who completely lost her lid after keeping everything under control for most of the game in terms of her nastiness. How has that helped her? She has been pretty much under the radar the whole game so far.

The plan for Thursday is that in the event that Jessica doesn’t play the Hex for whatever reason, she goes home – which is a better plan then sending out Cody since no one wants to deal with her power next week and she’s been a fairly good player this season. Yet, she is totally playing it, and instead, the larger question we have to wonder is what happens from here. If Jessica and Cody win Head of Household, they target Paul with every fabric of their being. If Mark and Elena win, maybe there is some drama given that they are in the middle. Meanwhile, anyone else for certain will try to split Jody up once and for all.

Paul is in huge trouble moving into the coming days, given that he cannot play in the HoH competition and the majority of his allies are terrible in such comps. Alex is the only person with consistent ability to do well in these; Jason’s won before, but we don’t think he has any incentive to try that hard. There are a ton of people in the game right now who are not going to be targeted, and it could benefit them to just let Paul go home so that they can play their own games. Matt, for example, has done nothing and we don’t see that changing.

Yet, another argument is this: Win HoH, and following that find a way to get one of team Jody out of the house. Use that goodwill from the rest of the people in your alliance for a week or two, and then contemplate getting Paul out. If he’s a gamer as much as he claims to be, he’ll respect the move and give you a jury vote in the end.

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