Grey’s Anatomy season 14: What should story be for Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Grey?

Meredith GreyWith Grey’s Anatomy season 14 premiering on ABC this fall, it’s fair to start wondering what’s ahead for Meredith Grey. She’s gone through probably enough for twelve lifetimes, and yet, more is probably coming.

In the foundation for season 14 lies one character in Nathan Riggs. At the end of the finale, Owen’s sister and Riggs’ former lover Megan seemingly came back from the dead. We’ve yet to see the body, but the possibility was apparently enough to convince Nathan to go from Meredith over to her. This likely signals the end of that relationship.

It’s challenging to think of the Meredith – Riggs relationship as one that is all that dramatic, given that the two have suffered so much that they take everything with the two of them in stride. Meredith understood how Nathan felt given that she would’ve taken off the second she learned that Derek was still alive … provided that it was possible. Yet, we don’t think that she’d be all that quick to welcome him back in the event that it’s not Megan waiting for him … even if we think that it is. It’s hard for any person to take someone back after feeling like second place in the present. Maybe Meredith finds someone else, but that’s not a priority and it shouldn’t be for this sort of show.

In the end, it’s wrong to define Meredith in terms of her being just a love interest to someone else anyway, just as it would be also difficult to define her as just a doctor. She’s one of the most multifaceted characters on television in terms of her talent and also humanity.

Through season 14, one of the aspects of her life we’d love to see more of is her as a mother, including how she strives to be different from her own mother. This is a facet of the dynamic that hasn’t been explored all that much yet, and it could allow Meredith more to develop a full-circle feeling where she can learn from the mistakes of her past and be the best person possible for her kids in the now. Her children are now old enough now where she is starting to communicate.

Meanwhile, one other interesting storyline to explore in the new season could be about a patient — a long-term patient. We know that the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital is not the place where people stay long, but we’d like to see Meredith actually become personally invested in someone she sees on a number of occasions. What happens when you become friends with someone you actually have to treat in the end? These are stories that have been taken on in some forms over the years, but we do think that there are some creative avenues that could be explored.

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