Chicago Med season 3: how can the show feature Dr. Will Halstead?

Chicago Med season 3From the beginning of Chicago Med, Dr. Will Halstead, played by Nick Gehlfuss, was a character that fans were drawn to. He was the handsome ER doctor who fought for what was right in order to help save the patients and fans cheered him on.

Throughout the first season, the show used Dr. Halstead in a successful manner and in a way that always made fans get behind him despite not always taking the ethical route. This is what made Gehlfuss’s Halstead a success with audiences, not to mention his charm and expert knowledge. So heading into Season 3 how can Chicago Med continue to feature Dr. Halstead in a way that keeps fans excited about the show?

Well for starters, the show should put Dr. Halstead in a situation that once again tests the boundaries that he would go for a patient. This side of him is one that most fans feel is realistic because during these kinds of shows most of us are yelling at our televisions for the doctors to go to extraordinary measures to perform medical miracles. However, the show needs to do a this in way that they haven’t already done it. It needs to be a new way to challenge him while at the same time introducing us to a side of Dr. Halstead fans haven’t seen before.

Another way to show a side of Dr. Halstead fans haven’t seen before is to use his relationship with Dr. Natalie Manning (Torry DeVitto). Whenever he is around her, fans see him in a relaxed and gentle state. Fans never saw this side of him until her and the show can once again use her to reveal more of him. It also helps that he and Dr. Manning are the couple that fans want together so it would also help to keep fans coming back every week to see them interact.

Finally, the show can make Season 3 a success by giving Dr. Halstead someone to battle again. If fans will remember Dr. Halstead and Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) butted heads early in Season 1 and it revealed things about both of them. We aren’t saying that it should be Dr. Rhodes again, but it should be someone who challenges him in his professional career.

Overall, Dr. Halstead is a character that helps make this show. His personality and skill combine to make a doctor and man and one that gets fans to support for seasons to come.

Chicago Med returns in early 2018 to NBC. For more news related to Chicago Medbe sure to visit this link.

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