The Blacklist season 5 spoilers: Aida Turturro, Michael Aronov appearing

Aida TurturroWith The Blacklist season 5 now filming, why not report on some upcoming guest stars?

The first name to know is Aida Turturro. Per a report from Entertainment Weekly, the Sopranos alum scored a recurring role on the show as “Hawkins.” There’s no last name provided, but did you really expect one with this show? Doesn’t always happen. Hawkins serves (per the website) as a “brilliant account for an unusual business who has saved her own skin by cutting a deal with the Feds against a former business partner she absolutely loathes.” Quite a description, no? She made a decision to turn over a colleague to the feds; even if she hated them, consider that still important. With the limited information out there, you build character profiles based on what you have.

Meanwhile, the site also confirms an appearance from Tony winner Michael Aronov. The actor will play Smokey Putnum, an “expert in the art and science of logistics who once managed the travel arrangements of a magnificent, yet unusual, business, but has since fallen on hard times, currently on the run and accused of embezzling over $2 million.” Colorful once more! With these sort of accusations against him, he runs from those chasing him — including deadly opponents — for a reason. Maybe Reddington or Liz Keen see him as an ally; or, maybe he proves more trouble than he is worth.

Based on the timing of this announcement, these characters should appear in the early going. Filming for shows like The Blacklist largely stays in episode order, with a few fluctuations here and there.

What is the story coming up?

Remember the events of the finale. Reddington informed Liz Keen of the truth, realizing that he had no other choice thanks to the DNA. Signs point to him being the father … but wiggle room still exists! After all, that DNA stems from many years ago, and not from the man working alongside Liz. Those who believe in the imposter theory can still do so without definitely hearing that they are wrong.

Meanwhile, another secret may come Liz’s way courtesy of a suitcase. Tom Keen unearthed, via Mr. Kaplan’s final instructions, a game-changer in the recent finale. Whatever is in that suitcase could destroy Reddington for good. Multiple theories exist, including that the bones belong to Katarina Rostova. If you believe in the imposter theory, the real Reddington could be in there. Either one of these reveals suggests serious trouble afoot in the Liz/Red relationship. Without some essence of trust, this dynamic falls apart and their partnership dies. It’s already been on the brink more times than we can count.

What do you think about these castings?

Let us know further thoughts in the comments! Meanwhile, head over here in the event you want additional insight on The Blacklist, including a change in premiere date! That’s an announcement worthy of some excitement. Nobody wants to wait for more Red and Liz on the air!

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