NCIS season 15: How to establish romance for Mark Harmon’s Gibbs

Mark Harmon's GibbsMrs. Carter: Is romance really in the future for Mark Harmon’s Gibbs on NCIS season 15?

Late last week, the news was finally confirmed for the first time that Maria Bello would be a new series regular on the show and that her role is a hyper-intelligent, powerful agent who could challenge Gibbs in a way that few others have. She’s a breath of fresh air on the show, and there are times in which finding this intellectual rival leads to finding a whole lot more. Without a push-and-pull feel, relationships don’t always bloom. There could be something rather fantastic that comes over time out of seeing these two parties together.

In the event that a romance does bloom between Harmon and Bello’s characters, how should it come about? We have some suggestions…

Patience – We feel like we’ve come to know Gibbs enough over the past 14 seasons to know that this is not someone to rush into a relationship. He’ll be patient as he figures out what he wants from his life and his future; he wouldn’t want to get hurt or hurt someone else in the process. He’s certainly well aware that he doesn’t have the greatest history in the world when it comes to relationships and would move cautiously.

Purposeful movement – There is such a thing as too much patience. You don’t want the show to rush and force anything, but this is also a series entering season 15. Even if this is the most-watched show on television, it’s not going to be around forever. If the producers want to get these characters together, having it happen over the next couple of seasons seems to be a reasonable plan. (NCIS hasn’t been renewed as of yet for a season 16, but we feel confident it’ll happen provided that the cast is interested in doing it.)

Quality time – A relationship won’t happen if Gibbs’ time with the new agent is only spent back at the field office. They’ll need to get out and work together, possibly isolated from the rest of the group. He may not be the sort to go out of his way to spend time with her at first, so there will need to be another reason for it to happen.

A willingness to change – Gibbs is stubborn. ETERNALLY stubborn. He has a routine, he has his rules, and he doesn’t like to deviate from them. While we don’t want Gibbs to become a completely different person, he needs to show some flexibility in order for someone else to enter his life. The same goes for her — we just can’t speak for Bello’s character yet without seeing her.

Laughter – Hey, relationships aren’t serious all the time. Gibbs may be a fairly serious person, but there needs to be some room for fun here. Give the two characters a little comic relief every now and then, even if it comes about via someone else.

What do you think should happen in terms of a Gibbs romance? Do you want it on season 15? Share below!

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