Stitchers season 3 episode 8 review: The Ivy – Stinger chaos grows

Stitchers season 3 episode 8On Stitchers season 3 episode 8, you saw a story play out that was about aliens … but also some struggles very close to home.

One of the biggest reveals that took place over the course of this episode was the news starting to spread about Ivy’s contact with Stinger. It was a huge betrayal for her to still be communicating with the man, and over the course of the hour, everyone started to react in their own way to the ever-spreading news. Kirsten felt stupid for ever trusting her, Linus struggled in her own way, and the entire Stitch team responded in varying degrees of frustration.

This frustration eventually culminated at the end of the episode, when Linus and Kirsten broke into her apartment in order to get as much information as they could on her communications with Stinger. As it turns out, Ivy saved every single element of her history with the man. She claimed she hated him, but was that all a lie? There were reasons to wonder.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there was the other big reveal at the end of the episode that Ivy was the one who ran the anomaly that trapped Kirsten in her own memory earlier on this season. If things had gone awry there, she could have died. This may be the biggest betrayal of all — scratch that. It is, and it’s not even close.

Some of Ivy’s actions here raise a wide array of questions, including whether or not her entire relationship with Linus was a stunt and if she cares about anyone within the Stitch Lab at all. Next week could be a time to get some more answers there — or at least so we hope. We don’t know if she is some sort of sociopath or someone who was misguided because of something in her past. It’s a shame that there are only ten episodes this season given that some further backstory would’ve been nice.

A Quincy subplot

Given that we don’t get a whole lot of time with some of his personal stories, this was a big one. Stephanie got a prestigious job offer in Washington, and she hoped that he would join her. He debating taking one, but in the end, seemed content with staying where he was and working with the Stitch team. That’s great given that he is very good at his job, but the bad news is clear for his relationship — and the notion that he is choosing work over being with her. We almost thought that when Cameron had a visitor near the end of the episode, it was going to be Quincy — instead, it was just Kirsten trying to get him to be closer to his own family. (At the moment, she doesn’t have that luxury very much when it comes to her own.)

Overall Take

We haven’t written too much about the alien-themed case mostly because that was the weakest part of the hour — sure, there were some interesting twists, but we wanted it to go weirder and funnier beyond the obvious X-Files references (though Camille having a crush on Gillian Anderson was a fun little tidbit). Having all of the Ivy chaos break out was a nice little lift to the story, and we would appreciate getting to know Quincy more given that we are, after all, in the third season. Grade: B.

Want to know what’s next?

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