Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Could Jessica & Cody quit? (day 41, evening)

Jessica & CodyHas there been a more dramatic day in the Big Brother house in recent memory? We’re certainly starting to wonder that!

Today was nuts. Completely. Nuts. Also, it may make some people out there start to feel bad for Jessica and Cody, and that’s been hard at times because they’ve both said and done some pretty unlikable things. Yet, so has almost everyone in the house … except for Kevin. Kevin is a precious gift to humanity and nobody should be hurting him or trying to destroy his legacy in any way.

As for what Jessica and Cody would even start to entertain the concept of walking away from the game, it’s because they don’t want to be in a house that is basically trying to push them to the limit. There’s some terrible irony in people Paul and Josh saying they’re not bullies only to try to bully these two with some of their actions. You’ve got Josh banging pots and pans so much that he broke the handle on one of them, Raven and Jessica getting into screaming matches, Matt deciding that he needs to take a strong stance for a change, Mark getting super stressed out, and Alex making comments to Cody about his Marine background, which is probably the most messed-up thing at all. Hate Cody for some of what he’s said about “victim noises” or his political views if you want, but don’t question him serving his country. He’s earned the dog tag that he wears in the photo.

Not to be too political here, but one of the biggest problems all of us have, on social media and even in life, is that we demonize people who are different. Disagree on many things, but know the limits and try to understand each other. Cody doesn’t make that easy, but there’s a breaking point where you take your hysterics to such a point where you are the ones who suddenly seem unlikable. Paul, Josh, Alex, and Christmas hit that point today.

Anyhow, Jessica and Cody probably aren’t going to walk from the game together, given that they’ll lose a lot of money and chances to appear on the finale. Yet, we do think that this is not going to get any easier on them unless the house all get together or production sets in. Apparently, Paul was already told to ensure that nobody incites any violence or push for self-eviction; there’ll probably be more warnings throughout the week. This isn’t stopping anytime in the near future. The best thing that Jess and Cody can do if they stay in the game is just chill out for a while, and if someone comes to them, be nice, kind, and reasonable to them. Make themselves feel like the happy, cheery alternative to some of the chaos happening elsewhere. At this point, it may be their only hope.

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