Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Jessica’s debate; Paul’s plan (day 40, evening)

Big BrotherFor our final Big Brother 19 update of the day is one that revolves in its entirety around what are some big decisions over the next few days.

Let’s begin, though, with what Paul wants to do with the Power of Veto. He has it, and he can use that to shake things up slightly when it comes to the nominations. Earlier today, he and Jessica struck a deal where if she doesn’t play the Halting Hex, he will send Cody home and neither he nor other members of his alliance will target her coming up. Instead, their main focus will be Alex. He tried to insinuate that if she does play it, the target may shift from Cody onto her because she’ll be seen as so much more threatening.

With this, Paul is debating if he wants to remove Jessica from the block and to nominate someone like Elena as a sign of loyalty. This is a silly move if he goes through with it, since he will be overestimating himself as a player and underestimate Jessica — Paul has already evicted Cody before, and there is a good chance that he will betray her like he did with the Ramses vote. There is ZERO reason for her to trust him, and if she doesn’t play the Hex, she’s putting all of her trust in a snake’s basket.

Jessica claims that she is still debating whether or not she wants to play the Halting Hex, but we feel like in the end she’s going to. Her feelings towards Paul for some of his actions in the game are going to overtake her, and she will make the right choice. She’s already got assurances from Mark that if he wins Head of Household, he’s not going to go after her.

Here is one of the things that Jessica is still trying to figure out: Whether or not Mark still wants to even be there. This is one of the few things that could actually turn the tide for the week. If he doesn’t want to be there, she won’t force him.

About Mark and Elena

This is probably one underreported story here at the site: The end of the Mark – Elena showmance. Mark is super-bitter when it comes to her distancing himself from the game, and he’s taking that bitterness out on her by throwing her under the bus. He made it clear that he wouldn’t target Cody or Jessica if he is in power, but couldn’t speak for anyone else.

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