American Horror Story: Cult teaser analysis: Have a helping hand

American Horror Story: Cult teaser analysisFor the latest American Horror Story: Cult teaser analysis, we present you with another look at a hive. While this is not the season for you if you hate clowns, we’ve also got the inclination that you also want to stay away If you hate bees, beehives, or lots of freaky little holes in things. This show likes to produce some visual nightmares in addition to some of the ones written into the story.

The subject of this new preview is simple: A woman being pulled in multiple different directions, surrounded by various honeycomb and hands grabbing her and pulling her every which way. We’ve speculated before that in these previews, bees are for Murphy his visual representation of a cult. You are mindless soldiers for a larger cause, following blindly the orders of someone else in as powerless a way as possible. From the outside, you are viewed as nothing more than a tool for the larger machine.

Our view of the woman is that she is someone desperate and intent on making her escape from this prison-like environment, but regardless of however hard she tries, the hands make it impossible and sooner or later, she is going to give in to it and remain in this environment. That’s terribly depressing, but that will be a huge part of the show.

Going into seasons of this show, one of the things that you always have to remember is that there are so many different kinds of fear. There is the physical sort of fear that comes from someone chasing you with a knife or a gun, and then there is the more psychological fear that comes from seeing someone mess with your mind, analyzing how you think and how you move to make their next move to hurt you. This is the sort of fear that may stick with you longer given that it doesn’t necessarily manifest itself for you in any one single way.

Through the remainder of the previews ahead, you may have a further opportunity to see how this plays out; at the moment, FX has not revealed who the Big Bad for the upcoming episodes is going to be, even if they have revealed a wide array of different teases suggesting various monsters who are going to be a part of the story. Be afraid, but also be anxious: This season on the surface has a chance to be one of the best ones since Asylum. (For the record, Roanoke is the first time in the past few years that we’ve felt like the show was on the right path.)

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If you head over to this link, rest assured that you can see more! We’re going to of course keep sharing these as we start to get them in the days ahead. If this is anything like past seasons of American Horror Story, we have a feeling that you’re going to be getting many more of these in the weeks to come. (Photo: FX.)

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