Grantchester season 4 renewal still unclear; season 3 finale awaits in US

Grantchester season 4 renewalEven though American viewers are getting a chance to check out the Grantchester season 3 finale today (a few months later than the audience did in the UK), there is one thing that all parties still do have in common: Having to wait to learn what the future of the series is going to be.

For one reason or another, ITV has still not formally ordered more of the drama series just yet, which is odd to think about given that this is still a show with untapped potential and international appeal. It touches on such things as crime, relationships, and religion in a way that is rarely seen on television these days, and there is also such a dignity and weight about it. It treats religion with respect in the series as opposed to trying to make it into something that is controversial or salacious; we’re not saying this to advocate for Christianity or any other religion, but so often on television there is this sentiment to treat the subject matter as something to be mocked or to show a seedier side to it. Sidney takes it seriously, which is why the central debate that he has regarding his faith and Amanda is so impactful. It weighs heavily on him, and many viewers can understand and relate to that struggle.

We’re honestly not sure why a renewal decision would weigh so heavily on the show’s British broadcast partners, given that the series does have an ever-growing American audience and is capable of creating buzzworthy twists that are discussed heavily social media. It didn’t have the same sort of built-in appeal with it that a Downton Abbey or a Victoria did, given that those shows probably do have aspects of them that are more immediately accessible. Grantchester is more of a slow burn, but the more viewers do dive into it, the clearer that it becomes that there is a considerable amount to love about the story and the characters. In addition to some of the dramatic arcs with Sidney and Geordie, you cannot forget about the cases that the two parties investigate.

Unlike in America, where there is often a very specific time frame in which shows have to be renewed, that’s not quite the case in the UK. Even if there is no news on a Grantchester renewal now or in the weeks to come, we’re not ruling out something happening down the road. So long as there remains interest from the cast in coming back together and there are good ideas for the story, we do think that more episodes will be made.

For the time being, answer this: Do you want to see a Grantchester season 4 renewal, and what do you want to see happen in the event the show comes back? Share in the comments below!

Meanwhile, head over here to get a preview of the season 3 finale airing on PBS in a matter of hours! We’ll have some further coverage of that episode coming your way a little bit later tonight. (Photo: PBS.)

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