Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Clarifications, odds & ends (day 40, morning)

Big Brother 19It’s day 40 in the Big Brother 19 house, and last night, there were a few interesting events of note … though nothing altogether earthshattering, either.

Let’s begin with Paul getting some of the “clarification” that he promised on Jessica’s twist. She can’t use production as strategy, so he felt he could get some sort of further information on what the Halting Hex entails. Basically, what he was told was that nobody in the house has guaranteed safety for the next few weeks … so basically, nobody has what he did. They still didn’t tell him for certain what the Hex does, but he can start preparing further for whatever it is now.

Basically, Jessica and Cody will have themselves a cool TV moment on Thursday, but the majority of the people in the house will already know to a certain extent that something is coming. Paul’s just a teensy bit off with his proclamation that he is getting Cody out of the house this week. He’s going to be giving his Power of Veto presumably to Jason, where he can come off the block and feel safe and secure entering Thursday night. He’ll probably recover okay from the Hex being used, provided that the rest of the house actually beats Cody/Jessica in the next Head of Household Competition.

Random thought: Has there been a cast since season 15 that hated each other as much as this one?

Randomness from last night

For one, it’s worth noting that Elena took the Have-Not risk, and is now going to be in that position for this week and next — pretty much what Mark ended up going through. Somehow, this may not be the worst thing that Elena has to deal with at the moment, given that she’s also struggling to deal with Josh. We’re starting to feel like part of Josh’s hatred of Mark stems from a crush that he has on her that is not reciprocated at all. Seeing the two of them interact is cringe-worthy, to say the least.

Meanwhile, there was a lengthy conversation between Matt and Raven last night that further cemented the commitments that they have in the game to their biggest allies, especially Alex who they’ve found to be rather useful. They also do have close bonds with Paul and Kevin, so that could be a long-lasting alliance for them. While neither one of these two are great players, they’re also not doing anything to get themselves in trouble. Matt feasibly is someone who could win Head of Household Competitions down the road, so he cannot be completely written off as a nonentity in the game. (Remember, there is that competition down the road where you’re filling up a jar with some liquid.)

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