Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 8 review: The past and present Bobo

Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 8 review

For those of you who wanted to see Wynonna Earp in the era of Wyatt Earp, this episode provided that opportunity! Wynonna found herself blasting back to the past, which was certainly important when coming across some of the origin story of the family curse.

Oh, and it was also fun to have another episode with a strong time-travel component after doing something very similar the hour before on Dark Matter. There were vast differences in terms of structure, and also how the stories ended. (This one was FAR more painful given what it brought in the closing seconds.)

When Wynonna arrived in the past, she found herself in a place where there was a completely different world — and her past and her present were inexplicably linked. She found her “guardian angel” — but the reality here was that he was hardly who he thought he was. Robert, the man in the past, eventually becomes Bobo in the present. This only happened as a result of what happened with Wyatt and Doc. Poor Bobo was rather unfortunately used as a human shield and got in the wrong place at the wrong time. This was a pretty heartbreaking story, really, of what breeds evil and a close friendship that was torn asunder after a series of actions.

Before Wynonna passed out completely in this time, one of her final words to Robert was that his angel is Waverly. This explains so much about what happened down the road, why Bobo looked out for her, and why she thought of him as one of her first friends before his death. Beautiful job on the part of the tying up many of these loose ends.

As for how we transitioned back from this past reality to the present, Wynonna found herself passed out within modern-day Purgatory and was in desperate need of a rescue as a fire raged. Dolls to the rescue! He was able to help bring her back, and we got some further reminders as to why these two are worth ‘shipping as the two woke up together after the fact. There’s a sweetness and a rare vulnerability there.

To call this episode insane would be making one of the grossest understatements ever, given that you had Wynonna going through this big, emotional journey in the past and then Waverly throwing a party that went very south when it become clear that Nicole was keeping a secret from her: The DNA test results, which she claimed that she was keeping from her to protect her. Didn’t Nicole think that she would find out about it eventually? Probably so, but she wasn’t in the right place to tell her the truth about it just yet. These two have more problems than they have for much of the series to date.

Here’s your cliffhanger

As it turns out, the few seconds that Wynonna was gone from the earth before Dolls saved her was enough in order to bring Bobo back in the world. They’re forever linked in that way, and this is going to be VERY problematic. Now what we’re wondering is whether her temporary death means that ALL of the reverents are back or not…

Oh, and don’t forget everything else going on with the Clootie sisters and other assorted chaos there. This episode had a LOT going on.

Overall take

This episode was probably close to everything the average Wynonna Earp fan could want and then some, given that there was so much mythology, so many surprises, and a few moments that we’ll remember for a quite a while. Take, for example, Bobo’s return. Grade: B+.

What’s next on Wynonna Earp this season?

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