America’s Got Talent video: Billy & Emily England unleash some beard power

Billy & EmilyOn Tuesday night’s new America’s Got Talent episode, Billy & Emily England are going to be back, and they’re bringing some beard power with them!

In the video below, you can see the skating siblings, who first won audiences over on Britain’s Got Talent before auditioning here earlier this year, showcase a new routine that includes one of the crazier stunts that we’ve seen: Emily grabbing Billy’s beard and using it as a grip as the two spin around on their platform. It’s incredibly dangerous (certainly enough to make Mel B look away), but the two once more find a way to pull this off. We can’t even fathom the number of hours that probably go into training for a routine like this. It’s a combination of physical strength, timing, choreography, and creativity that pushes it over the top.

Also, we do wonder whether or not Billy intentionally grew the beard just so that the two parties could do this. It wasn’t nearly as bushy on the lumberjack/Brooklyn hipster scale as it is now back during his Britain’s Got Talent days.

One of the silliest critiques that we do see of this act over time is “it’s the same thing every time,” when really it’s not. There are different moves in every performance, and the speed of them is difficult to coincide with the choice in music. It’s akin basically to a singer choosing different songs since they are just changing the notes and the tempo of what they’re doing. We feel like one of the only reasons people say this is just because this is a completely new category of performance and there is nothing else that can be said about it. Nobody has really had the time to study some of the crazy nuances that go into making this awesome.

Joining the judges to watch this performance this week is Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox, who should bring her own flavor and personality to the proceedings. She’s come with her own golden buzzer, and we definitely think that these two could be worthy of it — she also hasn’t seen them before now, and may have even more of a sense of wonder as a result of that.

One last thing we’ll say here as a bit of a PSA: It may be time now that we stop complaining about NBC calling these videos “leaks” (see the title for the video below). Does it make zero sense? Absolutely, but it’s also pretty clear that they have no intention of changing that up. Just get used to it.

What do you think about the latest Billy & Emily England performance on America’s Got Talent, and where do you rank this one in comparison to the audition? Share below!

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