Michael Emerson looking beyond just Arrow season 6 gig

Last week, we were able to pass along the glorious news that Person of Interest/Lost alum Michael Emerson was set for an Arrow season 6 gig. There are still moments now where we don’t completely believe it, given that he’s such an accomplished actor and he should bring a lot of gravitas to this show. After last season’s excellent Prometheus arc, Arrow has no choice but to try and up their game; inevitably, there will probably be some people who complain and call the upcoming season a letdown no matter what they do. That stinks, but it’s a part of the reality for this show.

Now, let’s talk for a moment about Emerson’s latest gig. According to a new report coming in now via Deadline, Michael will be playing a key part on the upcoming season of Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle, playing an “eccentric collector of classic music ephemera and curiosities” named Morton Norton. Morton Norton, for the record, sounds like the name of a character in a fairytale. He’s a guy who likes to live back in the past, he has created his own universe, and he lives apparently in a Gothic mansion. His love of ancient history traces even into his wardrobe, as he dresses as a composer named Gesualdo from the 16th century. This is an artist described in this post as “homicidal,” which is probably in part why his music is not more internationally renowned than it is. People often do tend to steer clear of people who were terrifying in some way.

As you would anticipate given that he wouldn’t be on the show otherwise, Morton Norton is going to be interacting at some point with Gael Garcia Bernal’s character of Rodrigo, and the result of these communications could range from strange to fascinating.

Basically, it doesn’t take a whole lot of work in order to understand why Emerson would want this Mozart in the Jungle role — it’s odd, quirky, and it gives him a chance to do something in a comedy for a change. It also films where he lives in New York. His Arrow role is meant to be fairly substantial, but it doesn’t look to be a full-time gig. There are several different Big Bads out there, and one of the prevailing rumors at the moment is that he will be the head of Helix in Cayden James, one of the most brilliant hackers out there. He could presumably blow Felicity Smoak and virtually everyone else out of the water with his skill.

What do you think about this other gig for Emerson, and are you grateful that you’re going to be seeing so much of him in the next year? Share below!

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