The Flash season 4 spoilers: Will Anne Dudek return as Tracy Brand?

Tracy BrandIf you liked seeing Anne Dudek as Tracy Brand on The Flash, great news: The character is going to be a part of the upcoming fourth season of the show!

Speaking per Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Todd Helbing confirmed the very-much-great news that “at some point,” she will return. Yet, there isn’t much in the way of an indication yet as to when she will first turning up. There aren’t any plans for her to be a full-fledged member of the team, but given her creative abilities plus also her history of collaboration with the crew, it makes sense that we would see her again — especially since the team will be squaring off against someone in The Thinker who is very much cerebral in his own right and will challenge the team in a variety of ways.

One other thing that we wonder is what the dynamic would be like between Tracy and whatever version of Harrison Wells we end up seeing this time around. She and H.R. were in the beginnings of a romantic relationship at the time in which he died; alas, it hasn’t been announced if we are seeing Earth-2 Harry or a different iteration coming up.

Without Tracy around, the official Team Flash at STAR Labs is going to absolutely have their hands full at the start of season 4, especially since Julian Albert (Tom Felton) seems to be gone and Barry Allen is in the Speed Force. They do still have a speedster in Kid Flash, and Cisco is starting to understand his Vibe powers better. Per Helbing, everyone is going to be stepping up their game to make up for some of the losses:

“Everybody has risen to the occasion, everybody has stepped up. You have Iris now as team leader, you have Kid Flash and Vibe going out on the town and taking out all the meta, they’re working closely with Joe and CCPD. They’re pretty formidable, but they’re still not quite [what they used to be].”

Evil is not going to be taking a break with them gone; The Thinker will likely be turning up earlier in this season than Savitar did in season 3, and we’ve also got the return of Peek-a-Boo in the first episode back. Knowing this show, they’ll also find a way to sprinkle in some other recurring villains here and there. All signs points to us seeing more Captain Cold, and we’d love to get back Mirror Master or even Lisa Snart at some point in the future.

New episodes are going to start airing in the fall, and with production already under way, there’s likely going to be more news coming in the future.

Who do you want to see returning to The Flash for the upcoming fourth season? Sound off in the comments!

Also, click here to get some other insight on The Thinker and his second-in-command The Mechanic, as they are both going to be a part of the story coming up. (Photo: The CW.)

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