Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Paul clues in Mark, Elena (day 38, morning)

Big BrotherHappy day 38 in the Big Brother 19 house! Can you believe some of these folks have been in there almost 40 days, and there are still so many people remaining? This is going to be even crazier when day 50 rolls around and the majority of these people presumably will still be there.

We’re going to go ahead and coin this week Halting Hex Week, given that this temptation will almost surely be played at the end of it and everything Paul does will be for nothing. The best thing that he can do is ensure that he plays his cards right and ensure that he doesn’t anger anyone over his moves this week. Luckily, he seems fine to just try to flush out a power this week and not worry about anything else.

If you missed it, he forged his plan last night to nominate both Jessica and Cody on the block, further ensuring that one of the two of them could go home. Were this any other week, this would be a guarantee of that. However, you do have the Temptation Competition coming now that could shake some things up, just as you also have that Hex at the end of it. This is going to be an interesting, fairly-complicated and messy week where some crazy stuff could happen if the right things fall into place.

Still, kudos to Paul for having the guts to flush this out. You may not like him, but he, Cody, Christmas, Kevin, and Jessica are some of the few people this season with guts.

Late last night, Paul did clarify some of his plans to the people who could end up being used in them in Mark and Elena. He told both of them that they could be pawns, but were not targets to go home and they shouldn’t worry. He cited what he did with Alex during his first Head of Household reign to Elena as evidence of that. He also told Elena to continue to distance herself from Mark, and that her association with him was hurting her game. (The funny thing is that in general, Paul is more threatened by Elena than Mark given that she’s far better strategically and socially. Mark’s biggest problem is just hanging out with Cody.)

Both Mark and Elena said everything that Paul wanted to hear; we’re going to have to wait for Sunday’s episode to know if they are just sheep being led to the slaughter, or they understand and recognize further what’s going on here and were just playing along with it. They may just realize that they don’t have any choice right now.

For Paul, what he needs to just do is win the Veto and ensure that nothing too insane happens prior to something insane happening with the Halting Hex. His mistake is presuming that Jessica is bluffing — she is making the temptation out to be a little bigger than it is, but it will still ruin his HoH. He just needs to tread lightly enough so that it doesn’t also ruin his game, and if he does that, he’s not making a big mistake at all. (Bluffing or not, he’s still right to nominate them.)

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