Zoo season 3 episode 5 review: Who are the Gentlemen? Abe’s discovery

Zoo season 3 episode 5 reviewLast week on Zoo season 3, we saw all hell break loose. Dariela sound out Clementine, Leanne was killed, and Jamie was arrested for that murder.

How do you top that? Well, we’re pretty sure that happened within the first few minutes of the hour…

Tonight, we a couple of moments that could qualify as the most insane ones that we’ve seen on the show in the entirety of its run. This is an episode that started off with the team dropping a car, containing both the beacon (and also Mansdale), into an active volcano. This was also only one piece of the team’s ultimate goal, as there were two other priorities at hand here: Tracking down Abigail Westbrook, and also make sure that Abraham and Dariela get Isaac back. Let’s just say that they weren’t all that successful in these in the end.

Before everyone went off into separate storylines, confession time! Dariela and Abe told Jackson the truth about Isaac, and Jackson, in turn, told Abe and Dariela the truth about Abigail. Here’s the bad news: Dariela didn’t actually come clean to Abe or anyone about what she did with Clementine. That would come later and prove painful when it happened.

Clementine’s interrogation

Well, let’s just say that she’s in a pretty darn bad spot when the story focused on her. Her captors were pretty darn intent on learning what makes her so special, and this led to an interrogation scene like no other to get answers. The moment that they tried to electrify her stomach, she made it clear that she was pregnant. There wasn’t much else she could do at that point! That’s when The Gentlemen were called in … and we and Clementine both were wondering who The Gentlemen are.

At the end of the show, the show did circle back to Clem for a brief moment, one where she could see her unborn child … but then also learn that apparently, she or the child may be up for an auction with the value being $80 million. Somehow, the Gentlemen are involved in brokering that, so we have a partial answer on who they are for now.

Jamie’s case

Let’s get back now to Jamie, who came up with quite the harebrained scheme in order to ensure that she could get the help she needs (or was it harebrained at all?): Hiring Mitch as “co-counsel” on the case and then using him to recover the necessary Reiden Global files as evidence.

It didn’t take long for Mitch to start to work with Logan after some initial testiness, making it clear that Jamie acted in self-defense. Mitch’s new strategy was simple: Working outside of the lines to get more of what he wanted. This included going to Leanne’s dead body (!) and using her fingers in order to get fingerprint authorization to some of the necessary files.

Okay, somehow Mitch sucking on a dead woman’s finger to warm up her fingerprints may be even more disturbing than dropping the car into a volcano. They found some key information within the files, but it was more about a corporate takeover revolving around a drug (Melvatox-B) than anything to do with Jamie.

As it turns out, though, Jamie already knew all of this, and she didn’t kill Leanne in self-defense. She planned all of this in mind in order to get the information on the drug — which is very much important to everything. More on that in a moment.

Tessa comes to the Yucatan

She may have been angry over Jackson keeping her secret, but she did head down in Mexico with an interesting offer to him plus Dariela and Jackson: Work together to find a “witch” and then use her in their efforts to find Abigail. After all, this witch could keep the hybrids at bay! Certainly important.

While embarking on their little journey to see, Tessa admitted that she understood why Jackson did what he did. She also had her own painful past where Robert Oz effectively took away her dream in order to have a large family. He took that opportunity to her his own heartbreaking past and the family that he lost. That was his motivation to ensure that Tessa wanted to work with him on the Abigail mission. They eventually meet their target, and Jackson lies about being a man named Senor Duncan.

She started to give the two the grand tour, but before long we found the two of them encountered instead the episode’s most-dangerous hybrid … or at least the most-dangerous one that didn’t descend into a volcano chasing a beacon in a car. We can really just call this storyline “what happens when Jackson pretends to be someone else,” since the end result of him being let into his compound didn’t go well. He was attacked by hybrids, Abigail is still out there, and then people in the supposedly hybrid-free sanctuary now have serious hybrid problems … and they’ve figured out that Jackson was lying.

Abe and Dariela’s quick divide

The two had an opportunity to speak together with Isaac, where he claimed he was living the dream and having “candy for breakfast” (or what they were calling candy). Reiden didn’t let the two speak with the kid long, which meant that Abe was going to act and act QUICKLY to find him. That was bad news for Dariela given that it raised the odds of the truth starting to come out.

The truth did come out right after Abe discovered why Reiden wanted Clementine so much: Her pregnancy. Dariela tried to apologize for her actions, but also said that she “can’t be in a marriage if her husband despises her.” She ensured that Isaac was safe, but it may have taken her marriage to do it. The stakes are also raised now given that apparently, Clementine’s baby is the key to stopping the hybrids. This was the end result of his research, and one of the big cliffhangers for the episode.

Meanwhile, we also learned that the “candy” Isaac was getting was Melvatox-B. That’s not great.

Overall Take

If this was another show, maybe Mitch sucking a dead person’s finger doesn’t work. Yet, this was Zoo, and somehow that’s acceptable alongside a really good performance alongside Nonso Anozie as he learned the truth about where Clementine was located. This was a great episode, but most importantly, one that pushes almost every story forward. Grade: B+.

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