Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Does Ramses know of his eviction?

RamsesIs the eviction tonight on Big Brother 19 as much of a blindside as we initially thought/hoped it was going to be? Not so much, given that current indications suggest that Ramses already has a good sense as to what’s happening.

This afternoon, Cody tipped him off that there could be something strange going on and that he should do something last-minute to ensure that he has the votes. Meanwhile, Jessica told Elena that she felt as though Ramses was going to leave. Jessica’s played a decent game in ways and won competitions, but she played herself this time by using her Head of Household on someone who could’ve been an ally for her. The vote’s not going to be unanimous, given that there is a zero percent chance that Elena, Cody, and Mark ever vote to save Josh. (For those wondering, Paul’s suggesting that his people should say the vote switch happened last-minute and cite Ramses “having $25,000” as the reason — even though he doesn’t.)

If you recall, earlier today Josh busted out the pots and pans for a little bit of an impromptu … well, something to annoy Mark leading up to the eviction. Mark was told by production to not put his hands on him, so clearly they are worried about a fight. We do wonder just how Josh is going to contain himself, though, when the votes are read and Cody and Mark learn that Ramses is going for certain — it could be glorious entertainment, even more so than Josh locking himself up with Orwell the After Dark mascot for lengthy Q&A sessions.

Ultimately, we do feel for Ramses — he’s a nice kid who clearly wanted to lay low until jury and then turn up to play the game. We do think that in 90% of seasons, he makes it pretty far. He was a victim of a few different things this time, whether it be Paul targeting him as a superfan or Jessica making a move that was against her own self-interest. A real bummer.

Looking ahead to the Head of Household Competition

We’re starting to think that Jessica’s side could win again just because there’s more of a sense of urgency there. Other than Paul, Alex, and Christmas, we don’t get a sense that there’s a lot of competitive fire with the other people. Josh, in theory, could win since he’ll be trying hard for it, but he’s been pretty awful in most competitions so far.

If we are looking for things to be bonkers for a week, though, arguably the greatest thing to happen this week is Josh winning HoH and then Jessica using the Halting Hex to cancel out his nominations. It would drive him crazy, and give Jessica/Cody fans out there the moment that they’ve been waiting for. Moments like this are why you should root for all three of these people to stay for a long time and for people like Mark, Matt, or Raven to go soon.

We’ll be back soon…

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