Nashville season 5 episode 21 spoilers: The finale’s in the horizon…

Nashville season 5 episode 21Nashville season 5 episode 21 may not be the finale for the show on TNT, but it’s pretty darn clear at this point that it’s visible on the horizon. There are only two episodes left to try and wrap up some of the stories from this super-eventful season, and that’s not going to be any task. We’ve lost Rayna, Scarlett lost her baby, Daphne has been through severe depression, Juliette and Maddie have gotten into an epic fight, and somehow through it all, Deacon has managed to keep his head on (reasonably) straight. He’s in mourning, but is a little more restrained in doing so.

Now, the story is starting to wind down with characters in many different places, but also still looking forward to their future. “Farther On” is the title for 5×21, and that’s a clear reference to the Jackson Browne song. As always with this show, though, there is a deeper meaning. Life does keep going on no matter what hardships we face, and we imagine that this is going to be one key component to the story.

Another could be the different struggles that we’ll see some of these characters take on while they see their future in the distance. Juliette’s going to be tied into business issues, Deacon has to debate what could be a great opportunity for him, and we have a feeling that Gunnar is going to be doing whatever he can in order to further mask some of his pain. Obviously, everything that happened with him and Scarlett is taking quite a toll on him.

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Nashville season 5 episode 21 synopsis – “Juliette shoots a mascara commercial but takes issue with the direction; Deacon gets invited to play the Opry, but hesitates; Avery and Gunnar embrace life on the road.”

Out of everything mentioned here, Deacon’s story probably is the most interesting just because it has been the most consistent. We still wonder why Gunnar and Scarlett’s story had to end in the depressing manner that it did, and Juliette’s frustrated us this season with what happened with Maddie and some of the arguments that she’s had with Avery that didn’t feel needed.

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