Latest Teen Wolf season 6 trailer confirms Jill Wagner return

Jill WagnerBack when we were creating our wish list for the final episodes of Teen Wolfthe return of Jill Wagner was certainly high on the list. Kate Argent is one of the more notable characters from the past seasons of the show, and we knew that she was technically still out there.

So what could she want over the final episodes of Teen Wolf season 6? That is a question that the latest trailer for the show does its part to try and answer … though it doesn’t have the time to get to it completely, given that there are a lot of crazy things going on here.

Consider this trailer MTV’s latest example of showing a lot, but in giving such short clips, not really giving anything away in regards to any of it. You get a small tease of Kate’s return, and it’s fair to guess that she’ll cause some chaos no matter how long she is around. She’s always been very good at that, but what also makes her so good as an adversary is that she brings with her such a high amount of emotional weight. For one, you have her relationship with Chris Argent, their family ties, and then the attachment that was there between Allison Argent and Scott’s pack. Throw in there what happened comprehensively on the past seasons of the show, and we have what we’d like to call a wonderful recipe for disaster. Her return should be fun … or at least fun to us. It could be terrible for some of the other characters.

What we definitely appreciate about Wagner’s return here is that it further guarantees that you will be seeing the return of characters from all sides of the spectrum. We already have a number of actors coming back whose characters teeter a little more lawful/good. (Hey, we’re all about making Dungeons & Dragons references!) Think for a minute along the lines of Colton Haynes and Tyler Hoechlin coming back. Dylan O’Brien is already returning, but given that he never really left 100%, that’s not that much of a shock. His schedule just got a little bit more crammed for a variety of reasons.

In general, Teen Wolf is really starting to get their promotional push going in every way possible given that the show is returning on Sunday with the final ten episodes. This is one of many trailers that we’ve seen out there, and we recently also shared some information from another important episode, which is featuring the directorial debut of star Tyler Posey.

What other notable Teen Wolf characters do you want to see back on the show?

No matter how you feel or who you are pulling for, we want to hear some of your thoughts on the matter below! Meanwhile, be sure to head over here in the event you do want to get some additional news right now when it comes to the show. (Photo: MTV.)

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