Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Josh’s pots and pans; who’s in best spot? (day 37)

Josh's pots and pansToday, Josh decided to have a little more fun (at least for himself) in the Big Brother house — busting out the pots and pans, and in turn, causing a little chaos.

Earlier this morning, he started banging them loudly to wake Mark up, while also saying that the two need to bond a little bit. It’s nuts, but that’s Josh. We’re talking about a man who claimed that he wanted to enjoy his last day in the house, but now is trolling Mark while also telling Cody that he plans to give him “seven hours of hell” leading up to the eviction show.

Is this whole pots-and-pans act a bad Evel Dick knock-off? Pretty much, but it’s still so much more than what some of the people in this game are doing. We can’t get over just how much Matt/Raven are proving to be casting duds, and that’s just scratching the surface.

What Josh is actually doing a great job at today is getting himself closer to that second-place prize money. There is SO much incentive to bring him to the end given that Josh, Cody, and Jessica for sure would never vote for him, and we get a feeling that they’re not alone in that. He’s immature, childish, but also ridiculous and quite possibly out of his mind. Even if someone threatens that they wouldn’t vote for someone who took Josh to the end, there’s zero chance that they’d stand by that.

The reason we enjoy having Josh around is that he seems to understand that Big Brother is entertainment. Sure, we like good strategy and he’s a terrible player, but there needs to be a balance of that and wacky hijinks. Were it not for him losing it the past few days, this would’ve been a super-boring week. Good on Josh for trying something.

Who’s in the best spot right now?

From our vantage point, it has to be Kevin. He’s got a good relationship with Jessica on one side, and then the likes of Paul, Alex, and Jason on the other. Nobody wants him out of the game, and not a lot of people take him super-seriously; yet, he knows about more temptations than anyone in the house, and was able to brilliantly lie many times over about taking the $25,000.

Beyond him, we’d also say that Jason is worthy of some consideration, given that he’s done a better job socially than we’ve given him credit for and he has proven to be capable of winning a competition. Jessica could be set up for a while thanks to the Halting Hex and Cody is a huge target in front of her. Meanwhile, of course either Matt or Raven is going to go far, but we see Jessica, Jason, or Kevin beating either of them in the end. Raven may have a story, but Jason as a family man is a little more humble and endearing.

Obviously, Paul will and should win if he gets to the end of the game, but we cannot imagine too many paths that get him there. Even if he does have his minions, there are too many people who want to target him and sooner or later, we figure that some people within his group will wake up.

To you, who is the best player, and do you think Josh screwed himself up with the pots and pans? Be sure to share below!

Also, head over to the link here to secure some further information now when it comes to the Big Brother feeds! There’ll be a review up later tonight, and then also our latest interview with Allison Grodner tomorrow. (Photo: CBS.)

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